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15. Learning To Love - Part Three

*I really hate this, it's terrible and I apologise in advance. Also, this could be my last ever post because from now on my friend Kellie might be writing instead of me. Some of you may already know her because she wrote the first 3 chapters for Set Me Free :) She might be taking over all of my fics but it's still not decided yet so if not then you'll just be stuck with me.*

He stood watching her for a few minutes as she pulled her hair up carelessly and sorted it into a messy bun on top of her head. Her figure reflected in the full length floor mirror whilst she stood clad in her bikini. He knew that she could see him because she kept flicking her eyes to the side every so often.

"Can I help you, Safaree?"

"Nah, I got it don't worry." He smiled and entered his room properly, pulling the string on her bikini top firmly as he passed by before smacking her on the ass. The measly piece of clothing retracted immediately, no longer offering her boobs support but her hands soon came to her aid.

"Safaree! Stop it." She rolled her eyes moodily and tried to pull her top up again before he moved over to help her. "Serisously, don't touch me."

"Aight." He held his hands up in surrender. "Be ready to leave in like, ten minutes. I'mma take a shower." He left her alone and shut the bathroom door behind himself. She knew she was acting overly bitchy towards him but she couldn't help it. She felt like her nerves were literally eating at the last of the  little self-confidence she had left. Sighing aloud she scanned over the image before her. Why couldn't she just be happy with the way she looked? Mia and everyone else seemed to like the way they looked. So why shouldn't she feel that way? She grew too frustrated to answer herself and angrily snatched her loose fitting dress from its hanger and stepped into it before zipping it. This horrible feeling wasn't going to leave her until she returned home. She just knew it.

Across town, Mia was sat alone in her room just brewing on her thoughts. Mostly about the night she spent at Nicki's and honestly she could now say that Onika wasn't as bad as she had originally thought. In fact she was pretty cool to hang out with but that didn't change the way she was feeling inside. Looking back she couldn't believe how close she came to spilling her inner-most secrets to her. Tonight would be different though, tonight was going to go her way and she was definitely going to make sure of that. Before her thoughts could develop some more she eyed the clock on he wall. It was almost 7pm.

"Mia?" Her stepmom's voice was muffled by her door. "Kelly's here."

"Tell her to come up then." She rolled her eyes irritably as she spoke. That woman got on her nerves sometimes. A couple seconds passed before Kelly strolled in, clutching her bikini. "You're early."

"Yeah, I got the times muddled. I'm sorry."

"It's fine." Pulling a weird face she got back to flicking through her magazine before standing and taking herself over to the mirror to do her hair. "You get the stuff I asked for?" There was silence.

"Listen, Mia, I'ont think this is a good idea. I mean, the odd prank or whatever is cool y'know? It's funny, but this?" She waved the tiny plastic bag in front of her own eyes worriedly. "This is gettin' a lil' dangerous. You're seriously puttin' this in her drink? What's that even goin' to achieve?"

"Firstly, this isn't even dangerous. Secondly it's not goin' in her drink. It's goin' in SB's."

"You're spiking his drink?" Her eyes lowered in disbelief. "Why?"

"If Aubrey thinks he just can make eyes at anyone he wants then I should be able to do the same." She shrugged. "So, why shouldn't I?"

"This is takin' things a lot farther than makin' eyes, Mia. You're spiking his drink." She emphasised each word in hope that it would somehow alert her to the danger of what she was doing.

"I knew you'd act all high an' mighty 'bout this." Frowning with anger she snatched the bag from her friend's grasp. "Thanks. I owe ya."

"Whatever. If this lil' plan of yours goes tits up, I had nothin' to do with it." She grabbed her bikini and headed for the bathroom, silently worrying about how tonight would pan out.


"You okay?" He voiced his concern as they walked side by side.

"I'm fine."

"You don't seem it."

"I said I was fine, just leave it." She snarled and slid her phone back into her purse as they approached Zara's front door. This was the last place on earth she wanted to be right now. Leaving her to stand at the step, Safaree checked the side-gate and called out to her. Even though it was dark she could still make out where he was.

"We go in this way, Nic."

"Yo, I'm right here you don't need to yell."

"My bad, I ain't see you." He held the gate open and waited for her to walk through but she didn't. "Go on."

"You first, I ain't strollin' in there like I know the place." Hearing him sigh she let him enter first and followed close behind him. They were soon bombarded with his jackass friends and God did they irk her something rotten.

"SB! Time you call this?!" Tyrell was already buzzed, which meant more comment dodging for her.  "I'm just messin' with you. Drinks're over there, help yourself." Laughing aloud, he hit SB's shoulder playfully.

"Thanks." He nodded and turned back to Nicki once all of his friends disappeared. "You want somethin' to drink?"

"Want or need?" She mumbled as she studied her surroundings. The music was close to deafening and there were people scattered all around and inside the pool.

"Speak up, I can't hear shit out here?"

"I said yes please." Raising her voice and spacing out her words she let him grab her hand as he led them over to the table of beverages. It was pretty busy. For a house party in this area he figured it'd be more quiet. Looks like he was wrong. After filling their cups he handed one to her and smiled, only receiving a half smile in return. He felt bad because he knew she didn't want to be here but he honestly thought if he could show her how fun things like this could be then she might relax a little and enjoy them more. If only he could experience these events in her head, then he might realise.

"Where the girls at?"

"How should I know?" Sighing whilst she spoke she continued to sip on her drink, inconspicuously trying to finish it quickly so she could replace it with another. That'd surely relax her.

"Slow down girl, we got all night." He frowned and watched her finish the last of her drink.

"Get me another one, I'm goin' to the bathroom." Placing her purse and cup in his hands she headed over to the house nervously. She always felt as though people were watching her, just waiting for a moment to laugh. As soon as she disappeared inside, SB managed to grab them both another drink before Mia found him, just how she wanted him too. Alone.

"SB, you took your time showin' your face." Smirking at him she leant against the table in her swimwear, she'd obviously just climbed out of the pool since her body was beaded with water.

"I'm here ain't I? People keep on worryin' 'bout the time I show up." He tried to act friendly but it was a struggle when he knew she hadn't been particularly nice to Nicki lately.

"True." She grinned and laughed a little before trailing her eyes down to Nicki's purse. "Where's Nicki?"


She nodded. "Y'know? You could put your stuff down with everyone else's, there's a pile of bags inside."

"Thanks, I'll tell Nic when she gets back." He mentioned Nicki's name again, hoping that she'd leave. She didn't though.

"You want another drink?"

"I'm good." Nodding slowly he looked around a bit. "Maybe you should go circulate. I see some people without drinks."

Before she had chance to say anything back, Nicki briskly entered the conversation. "Faree, I asked you to get me another drink." She frowned at her empty cup and looked up at him. He'd subconsciously drank the both of them whilst trying to avoid Mia's irritating conversation.

"You want that drink now, Faree?" Uttering Nicki's pet name for him she smiled hard and flashed Nicki a quick smile too.

"Oh, so I exist now?"

"Excuse me?"

"You're actually acknowledging me now?" Although she was being more direct than ever she still kept her voice calm and quiet.

"I always have, the hell are you talkin' about?"

Nicki's face contorted angrily. What the hell was Mia doing? Actively ignoring her for the longest time and now all of a sudden they're speaking? Nicki was completely baffled to say the least. "Whatever, I want another drink. Please?"

"Sure, you guys should try this." Raising her perfectly arched brow she grabbed a bottle and poured a little into their cups before mixing them.

"What is it?" SB asked as he sniffed the edge of the cup once Mia gave his back.

"I can't tell you, whoever guesses by the end of the night gets to skip cleanup tomorrow."

"Word?" His face lit up before Nicki angrily cleared her throat. "Oh, here, you have this one then."

She took the red cup from him and held it tentatively as Mia began to panic. That drink wasn't meant for her.

"I have yours here, Nicki."

"It's all good, we swap spit all the time." Safaree interjected whilst taking the other cup from Mia's hand and exhaling awkwardly. The tension between the two girls could have been sliced with a knife. "Well, Imma leave y'all to sort your issues out." He kissed Nicki sweetly before whispering in her ear. "I'll be with the guys if you need me." He'd half expected her to clutch on to his arm and silently beg for him to stay, but she didn't. The alcohol was getting to her quite quickly and not eating all day had definitely gone to plan. Drinking on an empty stomach was pretty stupid but it quickened the effect of alcohol on her. It gave her confidence.

"That's a pretty strong drink, you sure you don't wan somethin' a lil' milder? Maybe a vodka and coke?" She contained her panic as she watched her sip on the little concoction.

"I'm good, this tastes fine." The awkwardness overcame them once again. Nicki didn't even know how to address a situation like this. One thing she did know however, is that Mia definitely wasn't a genuine friend. It didn't take a genius like Nicki to work that out.

"Look, Nic I know I haven't really been speakin' to you much lately. I just wanna say I'm sorry, I been busy that's all. I thought Safaree would have at least told you."

"Safaree?" Nicki's face twisted up for a split second. "Why would Safaree have known?"

"Well, I told him that's why I ain't been textin' much." She smiled as if Nicki should have already known that. "He really didn't tell you?" There was a pause before she shook her head solemnly. Why would SB not tell her he'd been talking to Mia?

"He never said anythin' to me." Speaking quietly she looked down at her feet and let her mind wander This only worsened things as her paranoia set in and everything else seemed to go downhill from there. But little did she know this was all playing into Mia's sick little plan. Obviously not the original one but Mia's calculating and manipulative mind was quick enough to create a new scheme.

Before she got chance to utter any more poison into Nicki's ears the rest of the girls walked over,  sashaying their perfect little selves into the circle wearing only their bikini's.

"You're not swimmin' Nicki?" Immediately after those words escaped Kelly's mouth the rest of the clique stared her down. She seemed to be the only genuine one in the group, still a little unnerving to be around but a lot more welcoming than the others. Kelly was the only one who ever acknowledged Nicki.

"Uhm, no. No, I think I'll pass." She looked around unsurely, searching for Safaree's figure but she couldn't see him anywhere.

"Right, 'cause that's a sight we could all do without." Zara's comment was more of a lethal stab to her fragile state but she managed to blur it out along with the stares.

"You can go put your purse inside y'know Nic?" Mia shot Callie a look. "Go show her where she can leave it." As if ordered by an army general Callie hopped to it and more or less dragged Nicki along with her, leaving them to talk.

"What's happened? You slip it in his drink yet?"

"No, the fuckin' idiot gave the drink to her." She avoided eye contact and scanned around the pool area looking for SB. He'd disappeared with the guys.


"It's in Nicki's drink."

"You're kiddin' right? You have any idea what you've done?!" Kelly was shrieking at this point. "How many did you put in?!" Staring angrily at her stupid friend the other girls looked between them confusedly.

"Wait, you put somethin' in her drink?"

"Would you calm down, it was one pill. How much damage could it do?" The way she spoke showed her seeking some sort of comfort as she started to panic.

"What kinda pill though, Mia?"

"Just Ecstasy." Shrugging carelessly she shared a glance with each of the girls only to receive blank and worried stares in return. "Oh my God, you're all overreacting! People do this shit all the time, right? Stop panicking, so she'll hallucinate a lil', that's all that'll happen." She tried to ease her own mind and took another sip of her drink.

"You always have to take things a step too far, Mia. The hell has Nicki ever done to you?" Shaking her head she took a step back. "I'm not coverin' for you if anythin' happens to her, I hope you know that?"

"Oh? And what happens if it all comes out and people hear it was you who hooked me up with the stuff?" There was a small silence filled in by the music as Kelly thought. She didn't get a chance to answer before Drake interrupted.

"Aye, any of you know where SB is?"

"Prolly with Tyrell, why?" Mia answered and snaked her arm around his waist but he pushed her away gently.

"I'ont know, somethin' really ain't right with Nicki.


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