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17. [PREVIEW] Tell-Tale Signs - Part Two

*I know it's been a while & judging by the tweets I've seen, a few of you have stopped reading. This is just an EXTREMELY SHORT PREVIEW just to see if anyone is still reading lol if I get any responses I'll finish the chapter and post asap. & I have no amount of words that could describe how much I hate this fic either but here goes :/*

"I can't believe this is happening." Her words were spoken through a shaky voice, the tears verging on falling. Safaree hadn't spoken a word since Carol had arrived, he was too afraid. Not of her confronting him but of the possibility that she might believe Safaree did this to her daughter. That he led her astray and encouraged her to do something stupid. Of course he would never, but it did appear suspicious.

Things had only worsened after the first hour in the hospital, Nicki's symptoms began to spiral as the effects of the ecstasy hit her body. First starting small with the teeth grinding and jaw clenching before getting to the point of her being held down by nurses as she convulsed violently. SB couldn't shake the vivid images from his mind. It was after the convulsions finished when her body temperature peaked and the doctor figured out what she'd taken, or been given as SB tried to assure them. The rapid body movements of her fits had aided the drug in increasing her body temperature and she was now at risk of hyperthermia. Currently wrapped in a cooling blanket they waited anxiously by her bedside to see if it worked, their fingers crossed with hope. Both of their eyes were fixed on her tiny frame beneath the blanket, for a few moments it was perfectly silent except for the bleeping of monitors.

"I can't believe I was stupid enough to leave her alone." Finally speaking, Safaree rested his head in his hands helplessly. To his surprise, he felt Carol's hand gently rest on his shoulder.

"You can't blame yourself, we're all as guilty as one another if that's how you think about it." She sniffled lightly. "I shouldn't have let her go out, you shouldn't have left her, she shouldn't have let you leave her. It's all the same thing. It's nobody's fault but these girls you believe did this to her." Her face and voice hardened towards the end of her sentence.

"They're not gettin' away with this. They're supposed to be her friends." Still resting his head in his hands he began to bounce his leg angrily. The longer he was sat staring at Nicki being as vulnerable as she was right now, the more his anger grew.

"I know you're angry, Safaree. I am too, believe me. But now is not the time for anger, we need to be here by Onika's side."

He heard her words but they weren't going in. They'd been sat here for hours now and not one person had called to see how she was. He'd confronted Drake before they even got to the hospital, surely he must have said something to Mia and the girls. Even on top of his worry, anger and guilt he was still replaying her voice in his head over and over and over again. He felt like a heartless dick thinking of it right now with everything that was going on but he couldn't help it. Why would she call him that? Aubrey.


*Like I said, this is miniature but I would rather post a snippet & find out if people will still read than post a full chapter & have nobody read :/*

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So as most of you know, I'm ending all of my Onikafaree fics within the next few weeks. However, I've had a couple people asking if I could maybe keep one going. I'm not sure if you all feel the same way but if there is one you might like to keep reading, which one would it be? OR I could do someone else's suggestion which was a continuation of Forever Young? Idk. :) Anywho it's up to you guys, thanks for reading.


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16. Tell-Tale Signs - Part One

*Thanku to those who left comments, I know it's only a few chapters in but I thiiiink I'm gonna try and wrap this fic up after a couple more posts, I'm not really sure yet. I hope this is okay.*

"Nothin' is right with her, Aubrey."

"I thought she was your friend?" He looked at her weirdly, as the others laughed quietly amongst themselves. Kelly honestly didn't know what part of this was so hilarious though.

"We made her think that too." She shook her head and gave Mia a glare. "I'm gonna go find SB."

"Remember what I said though, Kel." Raising her brows intimidatingly she propped a hand on her hip and turned back to Drake.

"I'm sure she's fine, babe. She prolly just had a lil' too much to drink, it's nothin'." She attempted to hold on to his waist again but he shrugged out of her grip. "Aubrey, what the fuck is wrong with you?"

"I'm here tryna tell you that somethin' is up with your friend and you don't even give a shit."

 "Since when did you start givin' a rat's ass about Nicki?"

"Y'know what? I' ont have time for your ragin' jealousy right now." He placed his drink down and pushed past her as she stood with her mouth gaping open. The temper within her was rising quickly.

Back inside, Nicki stood looking at herself in the bathroom mirror as she blinked hard in an effort to clear her vision. She'd never felt like this before. Her balance was thrown completely off whilst she continued to use the sink as a support. The panicked thoughts racing through her mind were silenced as soon as she jumped hearing someone at the door. It was Drake again.

"Nicki? You in there?"

"Just a minute." Her own trembly voice scared her as she tried to gather herself a little bit. What the hell was happening? After taking a deep breath she stepped back and opened the door cautiously.

The look on his face told her that he could tell something was wrong. "You okay?"

"Yeah." She nodded unsurely. "Yeah I'm fine. Where's Safaree at?"

"I'on know, outside somewhere." He moved out of her way. "You need me to get you anything? Maybe some water?"

"No, I'm good. I just wanna go home." Even though she was unknowingly under the influence of Ecstasy she still managed to uphold her icy front with Drake. She could never forget how he treated her. Ever.

"Maybe you should sit-"

"I said I'm good, Drake. I'm going home." Setting off slowly she attempted to concentrate on walking carefully but every move she made felt so unsteady. Everything was a blur around her.

"Nicki, how much have you had?"

"The fuck has it got to do with you?" She squinted angrily at him and curled her lip.

"I'm just worried, that's all." He held his hands up defeatedly. "Look, go sit down and I'll try find Safaree." Her face remained stony but eventually she hauled herself over to a bed, not feeling able enough to start wandering around outside. It wasn't long at all before he returned to her upstairs with a concerned SB. Mia just happened to be in tow.

"You wanna leave?" He crouched down to her level as she just stared. Mia's smirk was riling her more than usual.

"Where were you?"

"I told you I was with the guys."

"I didn't see you anywhere."

"We were 'round the front." He scrunched up his face. "S'goin' on with you, Nic?"

"Why is it always somethin' goin' on with me? You're the one disappearing with other girls. What's goin' on with you?"

"The hell are you talkin' about?"

"Whatever, where's my purse?" She remained emotionless as the group of people around them began to feel uncomfortable.

"I'm takin' you home, stay here." He stood up again and turned to face Mia. "How much has she had?"

"Why you askin' me?"

"'Cause I seen you handin' her cups, Mia. How much has she had?" His face was serious.

"Well, I don't know" She shrugged. "Not much, she's prolly just a lightweight." She looked around at Drake and back to SB. "She's just a lil' tipsy!"

"Oh my God." The three of them looked towards Nicki as soon as she spoke. "Could you please stop yelling? Like the fucking music isn't loud enough." She was rubbing her temples before she started shrugging clumsily out of her jacket.

"We're not yellin', Nic." SB frowned as he crouched down again. "And there is no music. It's downstairs, outside."


"Keep this on, it's freezin' out there." He tried to push her jacket back up over her shoulders but stopped when his hand made contact with her skin. She felt hot to touch "You're on fire, Nicki."

"I feel funny."

"Funny how?" His eyes scanned her face, waiting for an answer. He was getting more and more worried by her strange behaviour.

"I don't know, Safaree. I just feel weird." She let a small shiver out before looking him in the eye. "I wanna go home."

"We're goin' now."

He helped her back into her jacket and grabbed her purse. "I'mma take her home, I'll catch up with y'all later. Could you give us a minute?"

"Yeah, sure." Drake nodded understandably and attempted to help Safaree in supporting Nicki as she stood but she angrily slapped his hand away.

"Don't fucking touch me, Aubrey."

Aubrey? Since when did she start calling him Aubrey? SB's mind was reeling with questions until Mia's angry outburst towards Drake stole his attention as the troubled couple headed out and left them in peace.

Downstairs in Zara's lounge room, Kelly's conscience was trying so desperately to be heard but she kept pushing it away. Mia was right, it was just a little Ecstasy, what harm could be caused? She shook her head and continued rocking back and forth on one foot. Then again, what if something terrible happened? She'd never forgive herself.

"Hey." Feeling a sharp elbow bump her side she jumped around irritably. It was the devil herself.

"Whattya want, Mia?"

"You look guilty as fuck. Just relax, she's fine."

"You don't know that though." She whispered loudly seeing there was people around them. "You don't even know how long it takes to get into her system. And why the fuck did you wanna put Ecstasy in his drink anyway?"

"Of course I know." Crossing her arms angrily she huddled herself under Drake's large hoody he'd given her to keep warm. "I did my research beforehand. It takes like, twenty minutes." She paused and checked to see where Drake was, noting that he was outside again she spoke more cautiously. "Everybody knows Ecstasy loosens you up a lil'...Y'know? Lets your inhibitions fade for a while." The smirk on her face was sickening.

"So, what'll happen to her?"

"Nothing serious. For fucks sake, Kelly. Pull yourself together! So she'll live a little for one night? Big fuckin' deal. She needs to pull the Goddam pole outta her ass at least once in her lifetime. I'm actually doin' her a favour."

Mia's words were concrete. She really thought she knew what she was talking about, like she was trying to persuade herself everything was going to be alright. Kelly wasn't feeding into her bullshit though.

"I gotta tell SB, he needs to-"

"You tell him, and I'm draggin' your name through the mud with mine. This is partly your doin' too, Kelly. I'm not gon' forget that." Staring her down fiercely the standoff diminished as soon as Tyrell bounced over. Kelly's head was in turmpoil.

Back in Zara's room, SB had managed to calm down an unreasonably panicked Nicki. He had no idea what was going on with her but he was concentrating on trying to get her home. She was burning up.

"Safaree, what's happening to me?" He lowered down a little to look her in the eye as she stood by the bed. He assumed this was Zara's room and wasn't too sure why they were in there but he had more on his mind at that moment.

"You're okay, just a lil' drunk that's all."

"I feel sick." Her sad little face made him feel terrible for making her come out. Then again she should have slowed down when he told her. He honestly didn't think she'd had that much.

"You wanna sit down for a minute?"

"What for?" She blinked confusedly and tried to kick her shoes off.

"Nicki, leave those on." He bent down and pushed them back on her feet before returning to his normal height. "Sit down again." Holding her forearms firmly he helped her sit on the edge of the bed and crouched down in front of her.

"You look really good tonight, Safaree. Did I tell you that already?" She wobbly tilted her head to the side and smiled as she caressed his neck area beneath his ear lobes.

"No, you was too busy with your angry feelin's."

"I'm sorry."

"It's fine." Gripping her hand softly he kissed it and kept hold of it as just stared at him. "What?"

She smirked. "Nothin'."

"No, I know that look."

"What look?" She widened her eyes and kept her innocent yet dazed composure as she moved her hands down and ran them along his thighs, he was still crouched before her.

"That look." He stopped her hands from traveling any further. "Not here and not while you're like this."

"Like what?" She trailed her words out slowly. "I'm not like anythin', Safaree."

"I said no. Now, c'mon we gotta get you home."


"Thanks again." He nodded after handing the cab driver his money before watching him drive off. Now came the task of getting Nicki inside quietly and safely. He had thought about taking her back to her own house but didn't know if he'd be able to leave her alone the way she was. She was a mess to be completely honest. That became even more evident when she doubled over outside his house. Like the kind person he was, he held her hair back for her as she emptied her stomach on his pathway.

"You good?" He still had hold off hair whilst she nodded miserably.

"But, I don't live here."

"I know you don't."

"So why are we here?"

"I live here. You're stayin' with me tonight." He tugged at her hand gently, wrapping his fingers around her wrist when her palm became too sweaty to keep hold of. The only thing he could feel now was the rapid throbbing of her pulse. He stared at her worriedly for a minute but she let go of him and wandered off. Leaving him to hurriedly lock the front door and take her upstairs before she woke anyone.

"I'm not sleepy." She blinked, her eyes were wide with no sign of fatigue whatsoever.

"Well, we're goin' to be bed anyway." He placed an empty bin by her bedside. "Please, try and aim for the bin if you're gon' throw up?"

"I'm sick?" Quickly sitting herself up, he grabbed her shoulders and pushed her down again.

"Stop panicking, you're fine." He wasn't sure of he was telling himself that or her but he wanted to believe it too.

"I wanna go home."

"You can go home tomorrow. Go to sleep."

She remained quiet and secured in the bed sheets as he kicked his shoes off. He had no idea why she did this to herself. If she knew when she'd had enough, why did she keep drinking? He kept trying to come up with an answer as he climbed under the sheets next to her. He had a feeling it was going to be a sleepless night. Only two hours in and he was losing his patience.

"Nicki. Stop fidgetin'." There was no response. "Nic?" Turning over quickly after switching his table lamp on, he scanned his eyes over her body. Her jaw was clenched as she continued to grind her teeth harshly. Her body kept tensing up. The small beads of sweat glistening on her forehead as she writhed around a little.

"Mm." She flinched slightly at the brightness.


"SB. Turn it off."

"Lemme look at your eyes." Gripping her clammy face gently he pulled her chin up to get a better look. "Your pupils are huge."

"Stop it." She pulled away and blinked slowly whilst trying to make her distorted surroundings seem more real.

"You've taken somethin'." Flaring his nostrils slightly he was struggling to keep his cool. "Nicki, what did you take? Tell me."

"I didn't take anything." She stopped immediately and moved her hand to her forehead, trying to get her bearings. "I can't believe you think I'd do that, Safaree." She had definitely taken something, this wasn't normal for her.

Throwing the covers back he grabbed his phone off of the nightstand. He knew exactly who to call to find out.


If it wasn't for the fact that he was desperate for the bathroom, there was no way Drake would have heard his phone. Laughing at the caller ID he answered as he made his way upstairs.

"Hey, SB-"

"What did she give her?"

"What?" He frowned quizically.

"Mia! She put somethin' in Nicki's drink!"

"Aye, calm down."

"Go find her. I wanna talk to her."

"SB, I'm tellin' you Mia didn't put anythin' in Nic's drink, she wouldn't-"

"Well somebody fuckin' did!"

"Did Nicki tell you that?"

"No she didn't tell me that, she's completely fucked up!"

"You at the hospital?"

"Nah, I'm headin' there now." Drake could hear rustling as he spoke. "Lemme tell you somethin'. If I get there and they tell me she's got any kind of drug in her..." He trailed off, trying to remain calm.

"I swear to you, Mia wouldn't pull a stunt like that."

"You better hope her ass wouldn't do somethin' that low."


*I was actually half asleep when I wrote this so excuse any errors and mistakes :/ I'll tryyy and make the next chapter a bit more...Interesting but I've really been struggling with my OF fics atm :( I don't know why. I think it's because I stepped away from them for a while. I've lost touch with them. Anyway, I hope this was at least tolerable for you guys :// Oh and don't even ask about the title lol it made sense before I started writing...But not so much anymore!*

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15. Learning To Love - Part Three

*I really hate this, it's terrible and I apologise in advance. Also, this could be my last ever post because from now on my friend Kellie might be writing instead of me. Some of you may already know her because she wrote the first 3 chapters for Set Me Free :) She might be taking over all of my fics but it's still not decided yet so if not then you'll just be stuck with me.*

He stood watching her for a few minutes as she pulled her hair up carelessly and sorted it into a messy bun on top of her head. Her figure reflected in the full length floor mirror whilst she stood clad in her bikini. He knew that she could see him because she kept flicking her eyes to the side every so often.

"Can I help you, Safaree?"

"Nah, I got it don't worry." He smiled and entered his room properly, pulling the string on her bikini top firmly as he passed by before smacking her on the ass. The measly piece of clothing retracted immediately, no longer offering her boobs support but her hands soon came to her aid.

"Safaree! Stop it." She rolled her eyes moodily and tried to pull her top up again before he moved over to help her. "Serisously, don't touch me."

"Aight." He held his hands up in surrender. "Be ready to leave in like, ten minutes. I'mma take a shower." He left her alone and shut the bathroom door behind himself. She knew she was acting overly bitchy towards him but she couldn't help it. She felt like her nerves were literally eating at the last of the  little self-confidence she had left. Sighing aloud she scanned over the image before her. Why couldn't she just be happy with the way she looked? Mia and everyone else seemed to like the way they looked. So why shouldn't she feel that way? She grew too frustrated to answer herself and angrily snatched her loose fitting dress from its hanger and stepped into it before zipping it. This horrible feeling wasn't going to leave her until she returned home. She just knew it.

Across town, Mia was sat alone in her room just brewing on her thoughts. Mostly about the night she spent at Nicki's and honestly she could now say that Onika wasn't as bad as she had originally thought. In fact she was pretty cool to hang out with but that didn't change the way she was feeling inside. Looking back she couldn't believe how close she came to spilling her inner-most secrets to her. Tonight would be different though, tonight was going to go her way and she was definitely going to make sure of that. Before her thoughts could develop some more she eyed the clock on he wall. It was almost 7pm.

"Mia?" Her stepmom's voice was muffled by her door. "Kelly's here."

"Tell her to come up then." She rolled her eyes irritably as she spoke. That woman got on her nerves sometimes. A couple seconds passed before Kelly strolled in, clutching her bikini. "You're early."

"Yeah, I got the times muddled. I'm sorry."

"It's fine." Pulling a weird face she got back to flicking through her magazine before standing and taking herself over to the mirror to do her hair. "You get the stuff I asked for?" There was silence.

"Listen, Mia, I'ont think this is a good idea. I mean, the odd prank or whatever is cool y'know? It's funny, but this?" She waved the tiny plastic bag in front of her own eyes worriedly. "This is gettin' a lil' dangerous. You're seriously puttin' this in her drink? What's that even goin' to achieve?"

"Firstly, this isn't even dangerous. Secondly it's not goin' in her drink. It's goin' in SB's."

"You're spiking his drink?" Her eyes lowered in disbelief. "Why?"

"If Aubrey thinks he just can make eyes at anyone he wants then I should be able to do the same." She shrugged. "So, why shouldn't I?"

"This is takin' things a lot farther than makin' eyes, Mia. You're spiking his drink." She emphasised each word in hope that it would somehow alert her to the danger of what she was doing.

"I knew you'd act all high an' mighty 'bout this." Frowning with anger she snatched the bag from her friend's grasp. "Thanks. I owe ya."

"Whatever. If this lil' plan of yours goes tits up, I had nothin' to do with it." She grabbed her bikini and headed for the bathroom, silently worrying about how tonight would pan out.


"You okay?" He voiced his concern as they walked side by side.

"I'm fine."

"You don't seem it."

"I said I was fine, just leave it." She snarled and slid her phone back into her purse as they approached Zara's front door. This was the last place on earth she wanted to be right now. Leaving her to stand at the step, Safaree checked the side-gate and called out to her. Even though it was dark she could still make out where he was.

"We go in this way, Nic."

"Yo, I'm right here you don't need to yell."

"My bad, I ain't see you." He held the gate open and waited for her to walk through but she didn't. "Go on."

"You first, I ain't strollin' in there like I know the place." Hearing him sigh she let him enter first and followed close behind him. They were soon bombarded with his jackass friends and God did they irk her something rotten.

"SB! Time you call this?!" Tyrell was already buzzed, which meant more comment dodging for her.  "I'm just messin' with you. Drinks're over there, help yourself." Laughing aloud, he hit SB's shoulder playfully.

"Thanks." He nodded and turned back to Nicki once all of his friends disappeared. "You want somethin' to drink?"

"Want or need?" She mumbled as she studied her surroundings. The music was close to deafening and there were people scattered all around and inside the pool.

"Speak up, I can't hear shit out here?"

"I said yes please." Raising her voice and spacing out her words she let him grab her hand as he led them over to the table of beverages. It was pretty busy. For a house party in this area he figured it'd be more quiet. Looks like he was wrong. After filling their cups he handed one to her and smiled, only receiving a half smile in return. He felt bad because he knew she didn't want to be here but he honestly thought if he could show her how fun things like this could be then she might relax a little and enjoy them more. If only he could experience these events in her head, then he might realise.

"Where the girls at?"

"How should I know?" Sighing whilst she spoke she continued to sip on her drink, inconspicuously trying to finish it quickly so she could replace it with another. That'd surely relax her.

"Slow down girl, we got all night." He frowned and watched her finish the last of her drink.

"Get me another one, I'm goin' to the bathroom." Placing her purse and cup in his hands she headed over to the house nervously. She always felt as though people were watching her, just waiting for a moment to laugh. As soon as she disappeared inside, SB managed to grab them both another drink before Mia found him, just how she wanted him too. Alone.

"SB, you took your time showin' your face." Smirking at him she leant against the table in her swimwear, she'd obviously just climbed out of the pool since her body was beaded with water.

"I'm here ain't I? People keep on worryin' 'bout the time I show up." He tried to act friendly but it was a struggle when he knew she hadn't been particularly nice to Nicki lately.

"True." She grinned and laughed a little before trailing her eyes down to Nicki's purse. "Where's Nicki?"


She nodded. "Y'know? You could put your stuff down with everyone else's, there's a pile of bags inside."

"Thanks, I'll tell Nic when she gets back." He mentioned Nicki's name again, hoping that she'd leave. She didn't though.

"You want another drink?"

"I'm good." Nodding slowly he looked around a bit. "Maybe you should go circulate. I see some people without drinks."

Before she had chance to say anything back, Nicki briskly entered the conversation. "Faree, I asked you to get me another drink." She frowned at her empty cup and looked up at him. He'd subconsciously drank the both of them whilst trying to avoid Mia's irritating conversation.

"You want that drink now, Faree?" Uttering Nicki's pet name for him she smiled hard and flashed Nicki a quick smile too.

"Oh, so I exist now?"

"Excuse me?"

"You're actually acknowledging me now?" Although she was being more direct than ever she still kept her voice calm and quiet.

"I always have, the hell are you talkin' about?"

Nicki's face contorted angrily. What the hell was Mia doing? Actively ignoring her for the longest time and now all of a sudden they're speaking? Nicki was completely baffled to say the least. "Whatever, I want another drink. Please?"

"Sure, you guys should try this." Raising her perfectly arched brow she grabbed a bottle and poured a little into their cups before mixing them.

"What is it?" SB asked as he sniffed the edge of the cup once Mia gave his back.

"I can't tell you, whoever guesses by the end of the night gets to skip cleanup tomorrow."

"Word?" His face lit up before Nicki angrily cleared her throat. "Oh, here, you have this one then."

She took the red cup from him and held it tentatively as Mia began to panic. That drink wasn't meant for her.

"I have yours here, Nicki."

"It's all good, we swap spit all the time." Safaree interjected whilst taking the other cup from Mia's hand and exhaling awkwardly. The tension between the two girls could have been sliced with a knife. "Well, Imma leave y'all to sort your issues out." He kissed Nicki sweetly before whispering in her ear. "I'll be with the guys if you need me." He'd half expected her to clutch on to his arm and silently beg for him to stay, but she didn't. The alcohol was getting to her quite quickly and not eating all day had definitely gone to plan. Drinking on an empty stomach was pretty stupid but it quickened the effect of alcohol on her. It gave her confidence.

"That's a pretty strong drink, you sure you don't wan somethin' a lil' milder? Maybe a vodka and coke?" She contained her panic as she watched her sip on the little concoction.

"I'm good, this tastes fine." The awkwardness overcame them once again. Nicki didn't even know how to address a situation like this. One thing she did know however, is that Mia definitely wasn't a genuine friend. It didn't take a genius like Nicki to work that out.

"Look, Nic I know I haven't really been speakin' to you much lately. I just wanna say I'm sorry, I been busy that's all. I thought Safaree would have at least told you."

"Safaree?" Nicki's face twisted up for a split second. "Why would Safaree have known?"

"Well, I told him that's why I ain't been textin' much." She smiled as if Nicki should have already known that. "He really didn't tell you?" There was a pause before she shook her head solemnly. Why would SB not tell her he'd been talking to Mia?

"He never said anythin' to me." Speaking quietly she looked down at her feet and let her mind wander This only worsened things as her paranoia set in and everything else seemed to go downhill from there. But little did she know this was all playing into Mia's sick little plan. Obviously not the original one but Mia's calculating and manipulative mind was quick enough to create a new scheme.

Before she got chance to utter any more poison into Nicki's ears the rest of the girls walked over,  sashaying their perfect little selves into the circle wearing only their bikini's.

"You're not swimmin' Nicki?" Immediately after those words escaped Kelly's mouth the rest of the clique stared her down. She seemed to be the only genuine one in the group, still a little unnerving to be around but a lot more welcoming than the others. Kelly was the only one who ever acknowledged Nicki.

"Uhm, no. No, I think I'll pass." She looked around unsurely, searching for Safaree's figure but she couldn't see him anywhere.

"Right, 'cause that's a sight we could all do without." Zara's comment was more of a lethal stab to her fragile state but she managed to blur it out along with the stares.

"You can go put your purse inside y'know Nic?" Mia shot Callie a look. "Go show her where she can leave it." As if ordered by an army general Callie hopped to it and more or less dragged Nicki along with her, leaving them to talk.

"What's happened? You slip it in his drink yet?"

"No, the fuckin' idiot gave the drink to her." She avoided eye contact and scanned around the pool area looking for SB. He'd disappeared with the guys.


"It's in Nicki's drink."

"You're kiddin' right? You have any idea what you've done?!" Kelly was shrieking at this point. "How many did you put in?!" Staring angrily at her stupid friend the other girls looked between them confusedly.

"Wait, you put somethin' in her drink?"

"Would you calm down, it was one pill. How much damage could it do?" The way she spoke showed her seeking some sort of comfort as she started to panic.

"What kinda pill though, Mia?"

"Just Ecstasy." Shrugging carelessly she shared a glance with each of the girls only to receive blank and worried stares in return. "Oh my God, you're all overreacting! People do this shit all the time, right? Stop panicking, so she'll hallucinate a lil', that's all that'll happen." She tried to ease her own mind and took another sip of her drink.

"You always have to take things a step too far, Mia. The hell has Nicki ever done to you?" Shaking her head she took a step back. "I'm not coverin' for you if anythin' happens to her, I hope you know that?"

"Oh? And what happens if it all comes out and people hear it was you who hooked me up with the stuff?" There was a small silence filled in by the music as Kelly thought. She didn't get a chance to answer before Drake interrupted.

"Aye, any of you know where SB is?"

"Prolly with Tyrell, why?" Mia answered and snaked her arm around his waist but he pushed her away gently.

"I'ont know, somethin' really ain't right with Nicki.


*Thanku for comments left on the previous chapter.*

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But since I've now gone from five to only three Onikafaree fics I hopefully won't struggle AS much to post. I don't wanna ramble on forever and I'm not expecting many comments on this because it's just a little note for you guys but I really have no idea why I get so many requests for this particular story, it actually baffles me :/ I mean, I never like anything I write but I just re-read these last few chapters and it seems kinda boring, what do you guys think? Do you think you'd still read if it was something I actually continued with long term? Cause FY is finished, HIA is gone and I was thinking of finishing CAHM but I don't even know any more. I'm a mess lol so please just let me know what you think. Thanks :)

Oh and YES I have over half of the next chapter typed up for this fic, I'll do bits and pieces here and there and it should hopefully be posted sometime this week. Sorry for the delay.

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14. Learning To Love - Part Two

*Let me just silently freak out at those 17 comments! That's the most I've ever got lol anyway THANKU so much, now I'm super, super anxious about posting :/ Also some of you might have seen on tumblr or twitter that FY, HIA and maybe even CAHM will be ending within the next two weeks, thanks to those who have been reading them :)) Hope this is okay for you all :/*

"You love me?" She let the hanger and bikini in her hand drop to her side. His face looked a little nervous as he rubbed his thighs.

"Yeah, I do." The cubicle fell silent again before she shuffled towards him shyly.

"I love you too." The relief was written all over his face, as if he was actually worried she didn't feel the same way. Little did he know she'd been itching to tell him for ages. Grasping at her hand he smiled up at her before moving his mouth again.

"We done here? 'Cause I'm starvin'." Her blank expression made him laugh before she swiped the bikini across his face.

"Why'd you have to go and spoil the moment you big doof?" Pouting angrily she grabbed her purse from the hook and pulled the curtain back.

"What? I'm hungry and we been shopping for hours. You still love me though." There was a second of silence before she answered.

"Yeah, I suppose I do." She emphasised the word 'suppose' and went ahead to buy the bikini, even though she hated it.

The rest of their afternoon was perfect to Nicki, although he just saw it as a day out at the mall she saw it as so much more. Plus, he said he loved her. She kept replaying it in her mind just in case the moment slipped away.

"Hello? Earth to Nicki." She snapped out of her drifting, dreamy thoughts and looked at him. "Yo, you were like full on sleep with your eyes open."

"I was day dreamin' actually." Flipping her hair over her shoulder she undid her seatbelt and turned to face him. "I think you should come meet my Mom."

"Really? But won't your da-"

"He's gone." She licked her lips nervously and looked back up at him. "So, d'you wanna come in?"

"As long as your Mom doesn't mind."

"She won't, I promise." Her words persuaded him it was a good idea and he soon followed her lead, walking behind her to the house. It smelt so good when they walked through the door, the aroma of food instantly waking his stomach. "Ooh she's cooking. You want dinner here?"

"Sure, smells good."

"Mhm, Mom's cooking is pretty damn good." She smiled sweetly and dropped her purse before leading him through to the kitchen and greeting her Mother. She was slightly nervous since this was the first time Safaree was meeting her but the nitpicking was non-existent much to her relief.


"I cannot believe you ate two full plates!"

"That was some good food though. Had to stop myself from gettin' thirds." He nodded matter of factly as she lay behind him on her bed.

"You're so greedy." Letting her foot slip off the edge, she kicked him lightly in the head since he was sat on the floor resting against her bed frame.

"Aye, don't be pickin' fights with people more than double your size. You got any idea how stupid that is?"

"No 'cause I'd win." She giggled whilst looking down at him.

"My ass you'd win, I could toss you across the room with my pinky."

"No you couldn't Safaree, stop lyin'."

"Oh yeah?" He whipped his head around and laughed seeing how scared she looked as he got to his feet.

"No wait! Please! I'm sorry I didn't mean it!" Holding her hands up in defence he slapped them down playfully. "I know you're not lyin'!" Letting her giggles overtake the last of her sentence he smiled back at her and flopped on to the bed, causing her body to bounce up a little.

"You're just lucky all that shoppin' made me feel mad sleepy."

"Aww." Rolling over on to her stomach to get closer to him she removed his hat and ran her long nails up and down the nape of his neck, stopping each time when she got to his shirt collar. "Poor Saafaareeee."

"Yeah, poor me." He shut his eyes, enjoying the relaxing moment until a firm slap to the back of his scalp made him jump. "Nicki, what the hell?!"

"Get over yourself, it was just a lil' bit of shopping Safaree. Not a freaking marathon."

"Well it sure as hell felt like a marathon to me. You need serious preppin' for shit like that." His last comment made her laugh, although it sounded mangled and ugly because she was laying on her front he still thought she sounded cute. The comfortable silence soon washed over them both again before she broke it abruptly.

"I'm nervous." The quick and random topic change made him look at her seriously. They probably looked more than ridiculous, both laying motionlessly on their stomachs as they stared at one another.

"Why you nervous for?"

"This stupid ass pool party. I'ont wanna go, Safaree." Her voice was low and quiet.

"How many times do I have to say this Nic? I'm gonna be there with you at all times, I don't get why you're so afraid." He studied her features, waiting for a response and he could immediately tell that there were words on the tip of her tongue. They just weren't coming out. "Nicki?"

"I just am SB. I don't know why, I just..." Her words fizzled out slowly. She was so close to telling him, opening up to him but in one swift moment she panicked and let her problems collect in the pit of her stomach where they'd forever give her grief. Why couldn't she talk to him? Or anyone for that matter. However many people were surrounding her she still felt alone.

"If it's the same issue that we talked about in the change room I honestly don't understand you Onika."

"What?" Her brow furrowed as she moved back to stare at him more fiercely.

"You! You hate everythin' about yourself and I just can't figure why! I obviously see somethin' completely different to what you see when you look in the mirror!" Her face retracted, visibly hurt by his words. Her biggest fear, the possibility that nobody understood her and never would.

"Well I apologise for feelin' so insecure all the time. I didn't know it bothered you so badly." Quickly getting to her feet she jumped to the floor and shut herself in the bathroom. His loud sigh was audible on the other side of the door. He knew he handled that the wrong way, in fact there was nothing right about how he even approached the topic but how could he help her and try to understand her when she wouldn't even confide in him. Groaning angrily at himself he returned his hat to his head and made his way over to her bathroom door and knocked lightly.

"Nicki, I'm sorry. I didn't meant to yell I just, I don't know what's goin' on in your head half the time. I need you to talk to me." He waited for some sort of acknowledgement but didn't receive one. Her sobs were pretty damn clear though. "Look, I'm gonna sit and wait for however long it takes for you to come out but hear this, how can you let anyone else love you if you don't even know how to love yourself?"


It had been almost an hour and her tears were still actively pouring from her eyes as his words continued to plague her mind. He was right. How the hell was anyone else supposed to love her if she didn't even love herself? Piecing her own feelings with his impacting words she felt as though everything was pointless. She could never love herself, the relentless months of torture certain people had inflicted upon her already damaged self esteem was irreversible. Or so she thought. Wiping her face with her hands she sniffled before resting her head against the wooden door, his in the same spot on the other side.

"The hell is this?" His sneer made her blush and start to fidget instantly.

"It's a card, I uhm, I made it for you." The indentation of her dimple deepened as she chewed anxiously on the inside of her cheek.

"I can see that, I'm not backwards Oinka." The spin he put on her name made everyone around them laugh lowly. "Why would I want a card from you?" Her eyes began to sting feeling everyone staring at her and smiling smugly. The embarrassment was unbearable.

"It doesn't matter." She shook her head, the soft curls tickling her cheeks as she urgently caught herself before the tears attempted to surface. "I'm just....I'm gonna go to class." Quickly pushing past everyone she walked speedily to the bathroom and secured herself in a cubicle, letting the hurt start to cut deep into her heart as the pain refused to cease with each teardrop she shed.

Back out in the corridor the laughter was still going and Drake's conscience was screaming at him to run after her but his mind was stopping him from making any sort of movement.

"I can't believe she actually gave that to you! Here, lemme see it?" Tyrell made a grab for the pink valentines card in Drake's grasp. Not able to stop him in time he ripped it from his hands and began to read it aloud.

"Aubrey, for as long as I have known you I've always felt something towards you." He paused to absorb the few giggles that were audible."Wait, wait there's more." He cleared his throat after laughing and proceeded. "I don't know what it is that pulls me towards you but just know that I've never felt this way before. I feel something between us and I hope you feel the same way back." He carried on reading until he reached the end of her heart-felt confession. Her first valentines card she'd ever wrote and it was cruelly broadcasted to the majority of her school in the canteen. Drake felt sick, not just at how horrible he was feeling at that point but at the pain clearly visible on her face. She looked broken.

"Nicki, please?" The low volume of his voice woke her from the seemingly real memory. Her defence mechanism was harming any future happiness she might have to face. Shutting everyone out of her life and trusting only herself was secluding her emotionally. Taking a deep breath she got to her feet and smudged the tears away before turning the handle. He was more than shocked when the door pulled open, his head losing its place of rest before he jumped up quickly. Staring at her heart-broken face whilst she kept focused on her feet he waited for her to say something first. A few long seconds passed before her hoarse and shaky voice was heard.

"I'm sorry, I don't mean to push you away." She shuffled out of the bathroom, her arms crossed tightly over herself.

"I know you don't mean to do it. I just wish you'd stop, Nicki." His warm arms embraced her firmly, letting her feel that he was there in more than one sense.

"I can't."

"Why not? This is what I'm talkin' about Nic. Let me in, tell me why you can't." The silence became overwhelming.

How could she tell him something so embarrassing? The fact that it was his friends that made her this way worsened the situation. Folding her lips tightly she hurriedly blinked the tears away and kept her voice suppressed whilst she hugged him back tightly. The sigh he emitted was one she could both feel and hear and honestly she didn't know how much longer he'd put up with this. She was rigid for a moment or two, just waiting for him to release her from his hold and walk away but instead he held her tighter.

"I'm not goin' anywhere Onika. Just remember that."


*This is a three part chapter, so you will get the pool party in part three :) Super sorry I was late posting and it's kinda short. None of my chapters are ever long anyways lol thanku to those who commented last chapter, it'll be a miracle if I get that many comments again XD Hope this was alright :/*

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13. Learning To Love - Part One

*Thanks for all the previous comments ^_^ I hope this is alright for you all!*

"I'm gonna have to go home at some point." She spoke quietly into his chest as they lay on the couch. It had been almost three days and she'd been back once when she was sure her Father was out so that she could pick up some of her essentials. Safaree and his family had been great, without them she feared what would have happened. It turns out their two month mark was celebrated with the perfect gift for both of them and today was Safaree's birthday but the pair of them had other things on their mind.

"I was thinkin' the same thing in the shower this mornin'." His words fell from his mouth lazily as his chin rested on top of her head. Their movie had ended and as always they were sat, basking in the silence as the credits rolled up the screen.

"Oh? You didn't tell me that."

"That's 'cause you was too busy lettin' your eyes wander, I wouldn't have wanted to distract you."

"Ew." She sat up quickly and stared at him as he smiled. The feeling he gave her was unexplainable and she knew it sounded stupid but she really didn't want to leave him to go home. His eyes flicked from her eyes to the tiny shade of purple that used to be a bruise, it looked more like a faint shadow now though. He knew she had to go home but he was scared for her to be in the house with that deranged lunatic that was her father. He was so deep in thought at that point he hadn't felt her hand caressing his cheek until now as she spoke lightly. "What're you thinkin' about?"


"Do you always think about me?" Her eyes depicted the intrigue in her mind as she continued to look at him.

"Every minute of the day."

"Not a second less?"


"Good." She smiled into the kiss that she initiated and pulled away, the smile still plastered on her happy face. He loved seeing her like this. No makeup, no worries and most of all happy. Seeing her happy made him happy. "Get up, I wanna show you somethin'." She stood up quickly causing him to grab her hand.

"Wait, where you goin'?"

"Just get up. I'll show you."

He did as she asked and followed behind her up the stairs and into his room. His Mom and Nina had gone out to spend time together and left Nicki and Safaree to have their space too.

"Nicki? What are you doin'?"

"Stop asking me questions and sit." She grasped at his hand gently and led him to the bed before turning to her backpack by his wall. He had absolutely no clue what she was doing but he was fascinated so stopped asking questions and just let her continue to rummage through her bag. Slowly standing up she turned back to him and sat by his side on the bed with a long box in her hands. She was holding it out for him but he looked confused.

"Nicki, what is all this for?"

"Your Birthday. Here, open it." Her small hands handed him the box, which he took from her gratefully.

"Nic you dind't have to get me anythin' I'm happy with no gift I swear."

"But I wanted to get you it. So, I hope you like it." She blushed slightly before kissing him. "Happy Birthday."

"Y'know what? I don't deserve you." He smiled back at her and began opening the box only to feel his eyes pop out of his head when he lay eyes on the chain inside. It had his name encrusted on the front, which only became more visible as he lifted it out. Placing it in his palm he brushed his thumb over the letters before turning it over to see her name with heart beneath it engraved in the back. The growing silence as he admired his gift was starting to make her feel nervous.

"Oh my God, you hate it don't you? I knew I should-"

"No!" He stopped to place it around his neck effortlessly. "Nicki, I love it. Thank you." Pulling her worried frame to his body he embraced her in a hug before kissing her affectionately.

"Really? You're not just sayin' that?" It was obvious that she was pouting as she spoke.

"No, if I didn't like I'd let you know don't worry." His obnoxious laugh made her pull away quickly as she slapped his arm. "Damn, I was jokin'!" He laughed. "But seriously I really love it Nic, thank you."

"You're welcome."


"If anythin' happens and I mean anythin', you call me and I'll come getchu. Kay?" He stared at her worried face as she sat in the passenger seat. They were parked outside of her house, today was the day she was finally going home. She'd called her Mother the day before and found out her Dad had been called out to work away for another five weeks.

"It's fine Faree. Nothin'll happen, I promise." She smiled and leaned in to kiss him before getting out. "I'll see you tomorrow."

"See you tomorrow." His eyes were glued to her as she made her way inside, turning at the doorway to wave one last time before entering. She didn't want to be back, in fact it was taking everything within her being to not run back out the door and back into his car but she didn't want to impose on his family any more than she felt like she had. Steadily setting her bag down at the bottom of the stairs she looked around nervously. It was eerily quiet as she started walking through to the kitchen, which is where her Mom usually was.

"Mom?" There was no response. Continuing through all the rooms on the lower floor she started making her way up the stairs after grabbing her bag. "Mom? You home?" Her brow was furrowed with concentration whilst listening for a reply, still nothing. Suddenly catching sight of movement she jumped out of her skin. "Oh my God! Lambchop you scared me!" She laughed out of relief and walked over to where he was stood, still in his pyjamas. "Where's Mommy? And why aren't you dressed yet?" She held her bag with one arm and grabbed his little hand with her own.

"Mommy's sleeping."


"Mhm." He nodded dramatically and carried on trailing behind her.

"Well you stay in here and I'll go see if she's awake yet, kay?" He didn't respond as he'd already raced over to her CD rack and started pulling them all out. She never understood the fascination he had with that. Not bothering to stop him she dropped her bag on the bed and moved through to her Mom's room. it was dark and dingy inside, not like it usually was. The furniture was turned over and there were things all over the carpeted floor. Cai was right, she was asleep but that was so unlike her. Especially to leave her five year old child alone, unfed and still in his PJ's at almost three in the afternoon. Looking back at the shape in the bed worriedly she moved back out to her own room. Things needed to get back in order and it looked as though it was all up to her.

"C'mon we're gonna go eat." She extended her arm out for him to hold her hand as they headed downstairs and into the kitchen. "What do you wanna eat?" She asked as she helped him climb onto a chair at the table.

"Mac and cheese?"

"Good, me too." Scruffing up the little amount of hair he had she smiled at him and went to go make their food.

It was almost 8pm before Mama Carol made an appearance. Nicki was in the middle of bathing Cai when she heard her door creak open.

"Is Mommy awake now?" His little whisper and wide eyes made her laugh as he sat surrounded by bubbles in the tub.

"Sounds like it, so we better hurry up and get you in bed before we get in trouble." She finished rinsing off the suds and pulled the plug out before wrapping him in a towel. He was dried and laying in his sheets in no time. He'd managed to talk her into reading him a story, which he had missed immensely in the four days she'd been gone. After finishing the story she tucked him in again and turned his light off on the way out but once she reached the hallway his little voice stopped her.

"Nicki wait!" She turned around quickly, walking back to his half open door.

"What is it?"

"Can you please close my door?"

"Close it? I thought you didn't like the dark lambchop?" She smirked at him acting all grown up but his reply made her feel as though she was about to break down in tears.

"I am afraid of the dark." His lip quivered as he spoke. "But sometimes when it's shut Daddy won't come in and get mad at me." Her heart sank like a ruined ship.

"But he's not here anymore." Making her way back into his room she sat on the side of his bed.

"Yes he is." The worry in his voice, face and eyes was killing her. It almost mirrored how she was feeling the day he attacked her.

"No, he's not Cai. He's gone away, I promise."

"He's still in my dreams though." He sniffled as the tears began to roll down his little cheeks.

"I won't ever let him hurt you, I'mma make sure he can't come back."

"Will you sleep in my room with me?"

"Of course I will." She kissed his forehead before standing again. "I gotta go get ready for bed first but I'll be back soon." Holding the tears back she left his room and went to perform her usual rituals, her Mother had disappeared back into her room again and Nicki figured it would be smarter to talk to her in the morning. After brushing her teeth and showering she let herself back into Cai's bedroom and crawled under the sheets with him, settling in a comfy position for the night she let his soft snores lull her to sleep.

Across the hallway Carol had watched her daughter walk from the bathroom and back into Cai's little room. Intrigued, she dragged her sore and aching body across the wooden floor and peered through the doorway. The sight before her made the pain gradually worsen. The two bodies laying asleep were the most important people in her life and she'd failed to protect them.


"I don't know 'bout this, don't you think this is goin' a lil' too far Mia?"

"Kelly, I swear if you open your mouth one more time." Along with her intimidating stare the threat didn't even need to be finished for Kelly to silence herself.

"So you're really gonna try this?"

"Yeah, I mean I know it's kinda harsh but it'll see her outta the group, that's for sure." She laughed a little after answering Callie's question. "She's an outcast. She doesn't fit anywhere, especially not with us."

"I don't even know what SB sees in her, like..." Zara trailed off whilst bugging her eyes at her friends.

"Exactly, and tomorrow we'll be rid of her and her dorky ways."

"What if it doesn't work?"

"The fuck is up wit'chu Kelly? You sound like you actually care about her?" Mia shot her an evil glance.

"I don't care about her. I just don't wanna be too mean, y'know?"

"Well get the fuck over it."

"She has a point Mia, I mean what if SB don't fall for it?"

"He has to." She laughed in Callie's direction. "Besides there's gonna be alcohol there so once he's sipped a few he'll be all over me. He practically is anyway so, it'll work. Trust me." She turned away to grab her nail file whilst the other girls shared a doubtful look. Too scared to voice their opinions they just let her keep talking, highly anticipating how tomorrow would turn out.


The next morning Nicki was woken by Cai trying to climb over the top of her. She could tell he was at least trying not to wake her up but it was a failed attempt.

"Hey, where you goin'?" Her raspy morning voice made him halt on the spot and turn to face his older sister.

"Downstairs, Mommy's up."

"She is?"

"Yeah and she's cooking something!" His wide grin made her laugh a little as she threw the blankets back. She was apprehensive as she followed behind him, scared of what she might be greeted with but to her surprise the house was spotless and along with it was the aroma of breakfast cooking. Watching Cai run off ahead she stood in the doorway watching her Mother. She looked okay from where she was but a soon as she moved further into the room the bruises became more visible. He'd done it to her too.

"I'm sorry I wasn't awake when you got home Nika I-" She stopped talking and stirring in her pan once she felt Nicki's arms wrap around her gently from behind.

"It's okay Mom." She released her from the hug and stepped back. "I'm sorry I left you and Cai with him but he-"

"I know what he did. That's why he's gone." She looked down solemnly. Although she was glad to be rid of his monstrous ways it was still sad to have seen her marriage fall apart the way it did.

"I should've told you, I was just scared. I'm sorry." Blinking the tears away quickly she smiled at Cai waiting impatiently at the table, his knife and fork pointed upwards in his little hands.

"You don't need to be sorry for anything Onika, now go sit at the table I'm cooking breakfast for both my babies today." She smiled tearfully and ushered her daughter away, more than ready to embrace this new start.


"Come on Nic." Safaree tapped the changing room door and waited for her to open but she was refusing to let him in. It was Thursday afternoon and she'd been trying to get hold of Mia and the others for days but they were all ignoring her, so Safaree kindly offered to take her shopping.

"No. I look so dumb."

"Nicki I have seen you-" He paused quickly and lowered his tone after looking around. "I have seen you naked before y'know?"


He laughed at her yelling and sat on the changing room couch again. "Well I have and you look great so just lemme see."

"No." Not taking her say as the final answer her slid in through the curtain, making her jump. "Oh my God! Would you please get out?!" She tried to cover herself but he pulled her hands away. Standing before him in a bikini she suddenly felt really embarrassed and looked down to avoid his roaming eyes.

"Nicki, what are you talkin' about?" He looked dumbfounded by her behaviour. "Would you look at yourself?"

"I already saw. I wanna get changed so could you please get ouuuut?" Her attempt to push him out failed miserably.

"Nope. Not 'til you turn 'round at look at yourself and I'm bein' serious right now." To prove his point he made himself comfortable on the ledge in the corner and folded his arms.

"Ugh, you are so annoying y'know that?"

"Yup, thas my job. Now stop looking at me and look in the mirror Onika." He turned his own focus to the mirror, waiting for her to do the same and slowly but surely she rotated her gaze to the foot of the glass. Staring intently at her feet she spoke up again.

"What am I 'sposed to be lookin' at Faree?"

"The girl stood in fronna you right now? Do you see her?" He watched her face in the mirror.

"Safaree I-"

"Do you see her?"

She huffed irritably. "Yes, I see her."

"What don't you like about her?"

"What do I like about her is more the question." She shook her head. "Safaree this is silly, I look stupid. I'm not wearing this on Saturday."

"Well what about what I like about her? Can I answer that question?"

"Go ahead, but look away whilst I change." He did as she asked just to avoid wasting more time.

"Mmkay, Onika Maraj. I love her smile. I love her dimples and the way her eyes go all squinty when she laughs. Oh and that too, I love her laugh. Her weirdly long fingers and tiny wrists." He paused when he heard her laughing. "And the ass, how could I forget that?" He chuckled to himself a little when she hit him on the back of his head. "She's aggressive sometimes, I like that shit too. Y'know I could go on for a whole eternity sayin' everythin' I love about her." He trailed off for a second before expanding his sentence. "How much I love her." Turning around in time to catch her ass disappearing under her jeans, she pulled them up quickly and turned to face him.


"You heard right." He folded his lips nervously. "Nicki, I love you."


*My brain hurrrts I hit a wall with this chapter so bad so I apologise! It's a little draggy onny and you'll have to wait 'til the next post to see how things go at the pool party haha thanks SO much for reading and for those who left comments on the previous chapter :))*

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12. Security

*So, I haven't posted on this one in what feels like forever! I'm not sure if people are still interested in it but here goes! Alsooo I know I said no more of those kind of scenes, I was gonna get someone else to write it for me but I didn't so please excuse any errors. I am, after all, still an innocent little lady :3 So there are bound to be mistakes! Oh and thanku so much for all the previous comments, I think this chapter is a lil longer so I hope it's okay :/*

Having made his way downstairs that morning Safaree was sat with his Mom and Nina at the table. Only the sound of them eating breakfast could be heard before Mama Samuels spoke up.

"I thought you said Nicki was staying over last night?" She continued spooning cereal into her mouth after talking.

"Yeah, she did. She's still sleepin'. She's gon' be stoppin' for a couple days though, that okay?"

"Of course, she's always welcome here and she knows it." She smiled sweetly and stood, carrying her bowl and spoon over to the sink leaving the siblings to talk.

"How is Nicki? I saw her go out the bathroom last night, she didn't look too great." Nina tried to mask her worries with a smile.

"Nah, she won't speak. Somethin' happened with her Dad last night."

"Like what?" She frowned.

"I'ont even know." He rubbed his head remembering yesterday. "Her Mom and Dad was away for a few days and when they came back he went mad and threw me out like I was yesterday's fuckin' trash."

"Damn." Her eyes widened dramatically. "So, you think he was mad with her for havin' you over?"

He shrugged in response. "I'mma go see of she'll talk but I have a feelin' she's just gon' bury it all."

"Well, good luck." She smiled at her brother as she stood up. "And if you want, I could try and talk to her later?"

"Thanks, I'll see if she even opens up to me first."

"Aight, well I gotta get to work. I'll talk to you later." She finished clearing her dishes away and grabbed her coat before leaving. It was times like this when he was glad he had a sister.

After washing his own breakfast plates he made sure his Mom was busy doing something downstairs before moving up to his room to see Nicki. She was still sleeping, her hair laying over her bruised face. How could her own Father do that? He wondered to himself and shut the door before sitting on the edge of the bed. His weight caused the bed to sink as she opened her eyes slowly. The way her small hand swept the hair from her vision made him smile.

"Hey, how you feelin'?" He lay back down, facing her on his side as she stretched out slowly.

"Okay, I guess."

"Yeah, well you don't look okay." He frowned as he spoke to her. "Nicki, what the hell even happened last night?"

"Nothin'." She was speaking quietly and calmly. "And I'm sorry he threw you out yesterday." He could feel her hand on his face but ignored it, trying to work out what happened.

"Nothin'? Nicki, I'ont believe that. Look at your face." He folded his lips and ran his finger gently across her bruised cheek as she avoided eye contact. It felt hot and a little swollen. "Did he hit you?"

"Safaree, please could you just leave it?" The tone of anger and upset in her voice made him wary of making her bottle up even more than she already was.

"Fine. But you're stayin' here for as long as you need."

"Thank you." She kissed him sweetly and pulled back before settling in his arms again. Surely she'd open up to him soon, maybe if he stopped pressing her for answers and let her talk in her own time she'd tell him what really happened.

"You want somethin' to eat?" She shook her head no against his chest before sitting up slowly, reaching for her pounding skull as she winced.

"You got anythin' for a headache though?"

"Yeah, but you gotta eat before you go poppin' pills Onika." He sat up too and slid off of the bed. "C'mon, I'll go make you somethin'." Holding his hand out her let her place hers in his grip and led her to the lounge room. "I'll bring it through, you just sit still and take it easy." She got comfortable in the cushions and did as he ordered, waiting for him to return with her late breakfast.


The pills did their job and thanks to the pain relief they had her sleeping again in no time. Safaree couldn't believe how much she was bottling things up with him, how she wouldn't confide in him. They were supposed to feel like they could tell each other anything. His face remained troubled as he stared down at her sleeping into his side. Honestly, out in the day-time light her face didn't look all too bad, just a little bruised on her cheek.

"Safaree, what would you and Nicki like for dinn-" Her little voice interrupted his thoughts but by the time he'd tuned in she'd stopped having laid eye's and Nick's tinged cheek. "Oh my goodness, what happened?"

Thinking fast, SB spoke up. "Oh, she uh, took a toy truck to the face yesterday." He nodded and folded his lips as his Mother still looked just as confused. "Her little brother Ma, he threw a toy at her face."

"Oh!" She chuckled lightly. "Well, at least it didn't break the skin. There's some arnica gel up in the bathroom cabinet, tell her to put some of that on when she wakes up."

"Aight, thanks Ma." He grimaced after her comment, thinking of what her face could have looked like had her Father hit her any harder. He didn't need for her to say it was him, he just knew it. There was something about her Dad that didn't sit well with him but he couldn't work out what it was.

"Anyway, I'm going grocery shopping. What would you two like for dinner?" Her purse and keys were already in her grasp as she continued walking to the door.

"I'ont mind Ma, whatever you cook is fine by us." He turned to smile at her. "But thanks for askin'."

"Okay, well I'll be home soon. Don't forget, if you go out leave the spare key under the mat for Nina."

"Aight, will do." He waved once more before she left. Leaving him with his thoughts and Nicki's light breathing for company.


Sitting in the centre of her pink, girly, over-sized bedroom Mia was surrounded by her friends, her hangover finally subdued as she sipped on some sparkling water. Kelly was studying her reflection intently whilst Callie proceeded to get her hair done by Mia and over in the corner Zara lay comfortably on her side reading a magazine. Having avoided the topic for a while, Callie decided to bring it up.

"Mia, I thought you said you was gonna get your "revenge" on Nicki soon? And you stayin' over at her house and shit, what's up with that? Y'all best friends or somethin' now?"

"Please? Me? Friends with Onika? That's a goddamn joke Callie. I already said that I gotta be close to her before I can get her back." Mia continued braiding Callie's hair as she spoke to them all before Kelly interrupted.

"So you're gettin' revenge on Nicki for somethin' that her guy said?" Her face contorted with confusion. "Call me stupid but that's a lil' harsh, don't ya think? And ain't he Drake's friend?"

"Yeah, you're right Kel. You are stupid. Now stop questioning my decisions. Ever since that day Aubrey stuck up for the four-eyed bitch in Math she's done nothin' but rub me the wrong way. Drake has tonnes of friends, losing SB ain't gon' cost him anythin'."

"So, what are you gonna do?" Callie's voice was breathy as she tried to cope with how roughly Mia was handling her hair.

"I still don't know yet." She sighed. "I was supposed to try and think of shit I could get on her when I was at hers last night but I drank too much." She stopped braiding for a minute and pondered before continuing again, much to Callie's horror. Suddenly a devious smile found its way to Zara's face.

"Y'know, I was gon' have a pool party over at mine next weekend. We could invite Onika."

"Why the hell would you wanna invite-" She stopped dramatically and dropped the unfinished braid. "Ohh I get it." Her face mirrored Zara's as she nodded. "Oh my God. This is the perfect opportunity." The four girls started to plan for Saturday night, their devious minds pulled together could be a dangerous thing for someone classed as an outsider. Especially someone like Nicki.


Across town Safaree sat comfortably between Nicki's legs on his bed as she squirmed to get away from him.

"Nicki, would you sit still. I'm gonna miss and get it in your goddamn eye or somethin." Using the strength of his muscular arm he lay it across both her thighs to hold her still whilst he resumed his attempt to paste the arnica gel on her cheek.

"Safaree! That hurts!" She turned her head away from him. "It is a bruise y'know? They hurt when you touch them."

"Well if you sat still then I wouldn't keep on accidentally hurtin' it." His last words made her cease all movement as she held her breath and winced when he gently rubbed it on. "There, see? Now how hard was that?" He stood up and screwed the lid on trying not to smile at her pouting face.

"I'm doin' it myself next time. Your hands are too big and ungentle."

"Ungentle?" She nodded sadly as he got on to the bed again. "You don't think I could be gentle?"

"Not with those big ass hands." Softening her answer she let a small giggle escape before allowing more to follow when he moved over the top of her. Resting with his face just above hers, the small smile she had on her face soon disappeared once she felt his leg laying between hers with his other to the side of her.

"What is it?" He scanned her eyes for an answer when he noticed there was something obviously on her mind.

"Can I ask you somethin'?"

"Sure, go ahead." He maintained his position above her whilst she played nervously with the chain dangling from his neck as it rested on her succulent chest.

"Why do you like me? I mean, of all the girls you coulda gone for and have prolly been with before, yet you're layin' here on top of me. Ol' Goofy Nika. Why?"

"Nicki, I really like you." Her eyes flicked up to catch his briefly before he continued on. "Not just all of this." He said as he ran his hands gently over her body before tapping where her heart lay. "But all of this and what's inside too. You're the nicest, most kindest person I ever met and that's the God honest truth." Leaning down he kissed her delicately, feeling the tears on her face as he did so. "That gentle enough for you?" He smirked at her smiling through her tears as she stared up at him affectionately.

"Yes." She whispered and kissed him again.

"And don't think that I ain't noticed any of this shit either." He said sternly and rubbed the foundation from her cheek, most of it had gone milky with her tears. Pulling his hand up she studied it carefully and blinked. "Or that."

"What?" She sniffled and moved slightly under him to get more comfortable.

"Your contacts. I know you hate wearin' 'em. Where are your glasses?"

"I left them at home. I look better without them on."

"You look beautiful with and without them." He sat up, pulling her with him as they moved to sit against the headboard.

"Y'know, apart from my Mom you're the only person to ever tell me that?"

"Well, me and your Mom speak the truth and know when we see somethin' special." He pecked the side of her face, careful not to press on her sore cheek in the process as she stared ahead deep in thought.

Neither one of them could have guessed what would transpire that evening as their small exchanges of kisses turned into a more passionate make out session before he lay her beneath him once again. Feeling her breath quicken she decided to enjoy the feeling he was giving her as he took in every part of her body. His lips grazed almost every inch of her being that was accessible before he slowly began pulling her shirt up. He looked at her face, waiting for a signal but she just kept her eyes locked on to his, silently giving him permission to carry on undressing her.

He did exactly that as he peeled the thin fabric up over her head and cast it to the floor before placing his lips back upon her warm skin. It seemed as though each time he pulled away and moved back to her again her breathing would become more erratic. Her chest was heaving as she closed her eyes only to open them suddenly, feeling the coolness of his chain once again resting on her chest. Following it with her eyes she trailed them back up to his neck and reached out slowly to remove it, gaining more courage with each second that went by she felt herself grasping gently at the bottom of his shirt, pulling it up and over his head. His toned, dark chest now visible she unconsciously bit on the corner of her lip.

Completely unaware of how much she was exciting him at that moment, she let her hands trail along the sides of his muscular teenaged body whilst letting her nails rake up the curve of his back as he slowly unclasped her bra at the front. Her hands stopped moving instantly as she gasped before covering herself, quickly becoming shy and self conscious. It was as if that one movement had knocked her back ten steps.

"Hey, it's okay." He tugged carefully at her wrist, encouraging her to let him see her body. She was unsure at first and never spoke but wanting to continue she reluctantly moved her arms down to her stomach nervously. Her eyes were fixed on her own fingers before she felt his face nearing her. She inhaled sharply at his breath hitting her exposed chest. Slowly and tenderly he kissed, nipped and sucked at both of her breasts whilst she fought the urge to moan out. He could hear her stifling the moans and detached from her nipple quickly, causing her to open her eyes.

"What's wrong?" She immediately tried to sit up, thinking she'd done something wrong but felt his warm hands pushing her back down lovingly.

"Nothin's wrong. I just wanna hear you." Before she got chance to let another word leave her mouth he pressed his lips to hers again, she readily granted entrance to his tongue as he ran it along the part in her lips. Whilst they continued to massage one another's tongues her mimicked the same speed of movement with his hand on her breast, her fight to stop the moans was diminishing as she finally gave in and let his ears hear just how much he was pleasing her. She pulled away from the kiss and shut her eyes, sensing his hand gravitate lower and lower down her front until he reached the top button of her shorts. With one swift flick he'd unbuttoned and unzipped them already, allowing the top of her panties to show through the denim. Since pulling away from his mouth she'd gotten continuously louder as he ran his lips along her neck after kissing down her jawline. What she felt next however was beyond what she could have ever imagined. Her knees automatically raised and her mouth gaped as he pressed his finger down on to her sensitive area, his hand resting beneath her shorts but above her panties. She wasn't aware of how moist she was until he slipped his hand under the soft material of her underwear, slowly rubbing and massaging her attentively. Noting her breath changes and the noises that she made in order to repeat what she liked.

"Oh God." He smiled down at her exasperated moan as she let her hips move back and forth with the rhythm he'd set in to motion with his hand.

"You like that?"

"Mmmm." She moaned out loudly before attempting to talk, her words layered with lust. "I do, I really do. Please, don't stop." He did as she asked, flicking his fingertip faster over the swollen bundle of nerves as she got closer to climaxing for the first time. "Uh, shit! I feel like I-"

"It's okay, let it happen." He speeded up the rhythm more and more as the frequency of her moans indicated the onset of her orgasm. To her the overwhelming feeling of heat and pleasure that washed over her was intense, she could feel her walls pulsating as she gripped on to his arms with her hands. Her eyes slowly de-wrinkled and opened up to look at him.

"Oh my God." She breathed out and continued to stare up at his face, still panting with bliss. Leaning down to kiss her he lingered for a while before returning his hand back to her shorts. She waited in anticipation for him to remove them.


She felt like a silly schoolgirl with a crush who couldn't wipe the goofy grin off of her face. Only she head every reason to be grinning like a cheshire cat. For behind her lay Safaree, the both of them laying intertwined and on a high after what had just happened. Although he wasn't a virgin she was, well, not anymore. She sighed happily feeling his chest rise and fall against her back, even though it had been her first time it felt right. Obviously it hurt at first but after the discomfort diminished she liked it. A lot.

"Yo, Nic are you still awake?" His voice interrupted her pleasant memories.


"My Mom's gon' be home soon, we better get dressed."

"Kay." She still didn't move causing him to nudge her playfully. "Okay, Okay I'm gettin' up now." Letting out another giggle she pulled the sheet with her, wrapping it around her naked frame as she clumsily gathered her clothes from the floor. Looking back at him she squinted as the backlight of his phone illuminated his room when he received a text. "Who is it?"

"Drizzy. He said they all goin' to Zara's place next weekend, you wanna go?"

"I'm not sure." She tucked her hair behind her ear and looked down, tightening the sheet around herself shyly.

"I'll be there, I won't leave you. I promise." He got off the bed and moved over to where she stood, once again his tall body towering over her as she peered up at him.

"Fine, but I have nothin' to wear." She pouted before he pulled her chin up.

"It's a pool party, y'only need swimmin' stuff."

"A pool party?" She shook her head unsurely. "Safaree, I've never even been invited to a birthday party before never mind a Goddamn pool party."

"You'll look great. Please? Don't make me go alone?" She delayed her answer for a while before reconnecting their gaze, he was playfully pouting before a smile took over.

"Ugh, you owe me."

"Oh? I think I know how to make it up to you." He smirked at her back as she walked towards the light switch, removing the element of darkness from the room.


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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

11. Up And Down - Part Two

*Hope this is okay for everyone :) Thanku for all the comments last chapter! I know this is SUPER short but I'm just doing a teeny bit of a posting frenzy tonight and like I said on one of the other fics I updated, I'll be writing again as usual tomorrow. I'm bringing the order thing back in to make it easier for myself so it will go as follows (Unless Im struggling on a certain fic) FY, HIA, CAHM, WTWC and CM.*

Hearing the door shut loudly both Nicki and Safaree woke with a start. They'd fallen asleep on the couch, most likely down to the fact that she had woken them up so early to clean.

"Is that your parents?" His face was screwed up as he stretched his arms out, she was still in a sleepy state with her eyes closed.

"Can you see them?"


"Well then obviously it ain't my parents." Sitting up she pulled her gaze to window, only to see Mia climbing into the car with her brother. "Bitch didn't even say bye."

"Finally she's gone."

"Safaree, don't be so mean." She leant forward and snatched her glasses case from the coffee table before sliding them on to her face and pulling her hair back. "Can we do something? I'on wanna sit in all day." He didn't answer but just continued to stare at her face. "What?"


"No you were starin' at me weird. What?" She waited for him to reply but then realised. "Oh right, yeah." Her face turned a light shade of pink as she pulled her glasses off. "My contacts are upstairs, hold on." She stood up but squealed when he pulled her back down.

"Put them back on."

"Why? I'on need to wear 'em if I put my contacts in." Taking the glasses from her hands he put them back on her face and smiled when he was done.

"There. That's the Onika I remember meetin' in the hallway for the first time." He wasn't just saying that either. As of late she'd changed more than a little, not so much her personality but more how she looked and dressed. She reminded him of Mia sometimes. Speaking of the devil Nicki's attention was drawn to her phone when she got a text from her.

"Mia said she didn't wanna wake us, so she left without tellin' us bye."

"What's her deal? She's been actin' real weird recently."

"I'on know, somethin' to do with Drake probably. He's such an ass. I mean I know he's your friend and everythin' but..." She trailed off and shook her head. "Anyway, enough about her. What are we doin' today?"

"Nic, its's almost four. The day's practically over."

"You're so negative, we've got like, four or five hours of daylight left so let's do somethin'." She slapped his thigh and stood up. "I'm goin' to shower."

Pulling her still wet hair up into a bun she grabbed the lotion and headed to her bed and applied it before dressing herself and heading back downstairs.

"Safaree do you know where-" She stopped speaking instantly and slowed her pace down on the stairs as she came face to face with her Father. "Oh, Dad I didn't know you were back yet, I have to introduce you to someone-"

"I sent your little friend home." His face was not a happy one as he looked at her disappointedly.

"What? Why did you do that?" She descended the last two steps and was now looking up at him rather than down.

"I think you're forgettin' whose house this is! And what I don't appreciate is my daughter bringin' home people when I'm away." He hardened his face as she rolled her eyes with attitude.

"I'll just go over to his then." Aiming to move past him to the front door she felt his strong grip on her arm as he yanked her back.


Sitting at the dinner table he couldn't comprehend what had happened. As soon as Mr Maraj had forcefully shown him the door he had called Nicki to let her know but he guessed she was still showering. Even so, he'd called her at least twenty times since then and messaged her but she wasn't answering. His Mother noticed how quiet he was being as they all ate.

"Everything okay with you Safaree?"

"Hm? Oh, yeah I'm good." His answer didn't satisfy his Mother or sister as they both shared a look when he returned his concentration back to his plate. Before either of them could utter another syllable there was a small but urgent knock at the door.

"I got it, I'm done eatin' anyway." Setting his knife and fork down he made his way to the door whilst his Mother began clearing the plates away.

Back in the hallway Safaree wasted no time pulling the door open after seeing Nicki through the peephole.

"Nicki? What are you-" He stopped when he saw the state of her face. "What happened to your face?" His hands instantly grabbed her upper arms gently as he tried to look in her eyes. She was crying and refused to look up at him before he slowly led her inside. Announcing that Nicki was here he quickly took her upstairs, shutting his bedroom door behind them. "Nicki what the hell happened?" He made sure to sit down slowly next to her on the bed as she continued to shake.

"Can I stay here tonight, please?" The tears weren't falling properly, just resting on her bottom lid as she awaited an answer.

"Sure, you don't have to ask Nic." He pulled her too him and held her wondering what the hell had happened, he had a pretty good idea that it was something to do with his being there when her Father returned. "I'mma just go grab you some of Nina's stuff to sleep in, wait here." She did as he said and sat nervously waiting as he disappeared. He felt so guilty but managed to suppress those thoughts realising that she hadn't actually explained what even happened yet. After getting a t-shirt and some sweats he re-entered his room, Nicki was still sat in the same place. He got a better glimpse of her face as he set the clothes down next to her, it looked pretty painful.

"You want anythin'? Food? Somethin' to drink?"

"No, I'm good. Thanks." She was being really quiet compared to the Nicki he knew so well. The clothes now in her clutch she folded her lips and once again avoided eye contact as she sniffed. "Is there somewhere I can change?"

"Yeah, yeah 'course. I'm just gon' go grab some water, you can change in here." He smiled reassuringly but didn't receive one in return. Closing the door behind himself he jogged down the stairs and got two bottles just in case. He knew she wasn't going to open up straight away but he didn't mind, as long as she was there with him and safe he could wait for an explanation.


*Sorry it's short!*