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16. Tell-Tale Signs - Part One

*Thanku to those who left comments, I know it's only a few chapters in but I thiiiink I'm gonna try and wrap this fic up after a couple more posts, I'm not really sure yet. I hope this is okay.*

"Nothin' is right with her, Aubrey."

"I thought she was your friend?" He looked at her weirdly, as the others laughed quietly amongst themselves. Kelly honestly didn't know what part of this was so hilarious though.

"We made her think that too." She shook her head and gave Mia a glare. "I'm gonna go find SB."

"Remember what I said though, Kel." Raising her brows intimidatingly she propped a hand on her hip and turned back to Drake.

"I'm sure she's fine, babe. She prolly just had a lil' too much to drink, it's nothin'." She attempted to hold on to his waist again but he shrugged out of her grip. "Aubrey, what the fuck is wrong with you?"

"I'm here tryna tell you that somethin' is up with your friend and you don't even give a shit."

 "Since when did you start givin' a rat's ass about Nicki?"

"Y'know what? I' ont have time for your ragin' jealousy right now." He placed his drink down and pushed past her as she stood with her mouth gaping open. The temper within her was rising quickly.

Back inside, Nicki stood looking at herself in the bathroom mirror as she blinked hard in an effort to clear her vision. She'd never felt like this before. Her balance was thrown completely off whilst she continued to use the sink as a support. The panicked thoughts racing through her mind were silenced as soon as she jumped hearing someone at the door. It was Drake again.

"Nicki? You in there?"

"Just a minute." Her own trembly voice scared her as she tried to gather herself a little bit. What the hell was happening? After taking a deep breath she stepped back and opened the door cautiously.

The look on his face told her that he could tell something was wrong. "You okay?"

"Yeah." She nodded unsurely. "Yeah I'm fine. Where's Safaree at?"

"I'on know, outside somewhere." He moved out of her way. "You need me to get you anything? Maybe some water?"

"No, I'm good. I just wanna go home." Even though she was unknowingly under the influence of Ecstasy she still managed to uphold her icy front with Drake. She could never forget how he treated her. Ever.

"Maybe you should sit-"

"I said I'm good, Drake. I'm going home." Setting off slowly she attempted to concentrate on walking carefully but every move she made felt so unsteady. Everything was a blur around her.

"Nicki, how much have you had?"

"The fuck has it got to do with you?" She squinted angrily at him and curled her lip.

"I'm just worried, that's all." He held his hands up defeatedly. "Look, go sit down and I'll try find Safaree." Her face remained stony but eventually she hauled herself over to a bed, not feeling able enough to start wandering around outside. It wasn't long at all before he returned to her upstairs with a concerned SB. Mia just happened to be in tow.

"You wanna leave?" He crouched down to her level as she just stared. Mia's smirk was riling her more than usual.

"Where were you?"

"I told you I was with the guys."

"I didn't see you anywhere."

"We were 'round the front." He scrunched up his face. "S'goin' on with you, Nic?"

"Why is it always somethin' goin' on with me? You're the one disappearing with other girls. What's goin' on with you?"

"The hell are you talkin' about?"

"Whatever, where's my purse?" She remained emotionless as the group of people around them began to feel uncomfortable.

"I'm takin' you home, stay here." He stood up again and turned to face Mia. "How much has she had?"

"Why you askin' me?"

"'Cause I seen you handin' her cups, Mia. How much has she had?" His face was serious.

"Well, I don't know" She shrugged. "Not much, she's prolly just a lightweight." She looked around at Drake and back to SB. "She's just a lil' tipsy!"

"Oh my God." The three of them looked towards Nicki as soon as she spoke. "Could you please stop yelling? Like the fucking music isn't loud enough." She was rubbing her temples before she started shrugging clumsily out of her jacket.

"We're not yellin', Nic." SB frowned as he crouched down again. "And there is no music. It's downstairs, outside."


"Keep this on, it's freezin' out there." He tried to push her jacket back up over her shoulders but stopped when his hand made contact with her skin. She felt hot to touch "You're on fire, Nicki."

"I feel funny."

"Funny how?" His eyes scanned her face, waiting for an answer. He was getting more and more worried by her strange behaviour.

"I don't know, Safaree. I just feel weird." She let a small shiver out before looking him in the eye. "I wanna go home."

"We're goin' now."

He helped her back into her jacket and grabbed her purse. "I'mma take her home, I'll catch up with y'all later. Could you give us a minute?"

"Yeah, sure." Drake nodded understandably and attempted to help Safaree in supporting Nicki as she stood but she angrily slapped his hand away.

"Don't fucking touch me, Aubrey."

Aubrey? Since when did she start calling him Aubrey? SB's mind was reeling with questions until Mia's angry outburst towards Drake stole his attention as the troubled couple headed out and left them in peace.

Downstairs in Zara's lounge room, Kelly's conscience was trying so desperately to be heard but she kept pushing it away. Mia was right, it was just a little Ecstasy, what harm could be caused? She shook her head and continued rocking back and forth on one foot. Then again, what if something terrible happened? She'd never forgive herself.

"Hey." Feeling a sharp elbow bump her side she jumped around irritably. It was the devil herself.

"Whattya want, Mia?"

"You look guilty as fuck. Just relax, she's fine."

"You don't know that though." She whispered loudly seeing there was people around them. "You don't even know how long it takes to get into her system. And why the fuck did you wanna put Ecstasy in his drink anyway?"

"Of course I know." Crossing her arms angrily she huddled herself under Drake's large hoody he'd given her to keep warm. "I did my research beforehand. It takes like, twenty minutes." She paused and checked to see where Drake was, noting that he was outside again she spoke more cautiously. "Everybody knows Ecstasy loosens you up a lil'...Y'know? Lets your inhibitions fade for a while." The smirk on her face was sickening.

"So, what'll happen to her?"

"Nothing serious. For fucks sake, Kelly. Pull yourself together! So she'll live a little for one night? Big fuckin' deal. She needs to pull the Goddam pole outta her ass at least once in her lifetime. I'm actually doin' her a favour."

Mia's words were concrete. She really thought she knew what she was talking about, like she was trying to persuade herself everything was going to be alright. Kelly wasn't feeding into her bullshit though.

"I gotta tell SB, he needs to-"

"You tell him, and I'm draggin' your name through the mud with mine. This is partly your doin' too, Kelly. I'm not gon' forget that." Staring her down fiercely the standoff diminished as soon as Tyrell bounced over. Kelly's head was in turmpoil.

Back in Zara's room, SB had managed to calm down an unreasonably panicked Nicki. He had no idea what was going on with her but he was concentrating on trying to get her home. She was burning up.

"Safaree, what's happening to me?" He lowered down a little to look her in the eye as she stood by the bed. He assumed this was Zara's room and wasn't too sure why they were in there but he had more on his mind at that moment.

"You're okay, just a lil' drunk that's all."

"I feel sick." Her sad little face made him feel terrible for making her come out. Then again she should have slowed down when he told her. He honestly didn't think she'd had that much.

"You wanna sit down for a minute?"

"What for?" She blinked confusedly and tried to kick her shoes off.

"Nicki, leave those on." He bent down and pushed them back on her feet before returning to his normal height. "Sit down again." Holding her forearms firmly he helped her sit on the edge of the bed and crouched down in front of her.

"You look really good tonight, Safaree. Did I tell you that already?" She wobbly tilted her head to the side and smiled as she caressed his neck area beneath his ear lobes.

"No, you was too busy with your angry feelin's."

"I'm sorry."

"It's fine." Gripping her hand softly he kissed it and kept hold of it as just stared at him. "What?"

She smirked. "Nothin'."

"No, I know that look."

"What look?" She widened her eyes and kept her innocent yet dazed composure as she moved her hands down and ran them along his thighs, he was still crouched before her.

"That look." He stopped her hands from traveling any further. "Not here and not while you're like this."

"Like what?" She trailed her words out slowly. "I'm not like anythin', Safaree."

"I said no. Now, c'mon we gotta get you home."


"Thanks again." He nodded after handing the cab driver his money before watching him drive off. Now came the task of getting Nicki inside quietly and safely. He had thought about taking her back to her own house but didn't know if he'd be able to leave her alone the way she was. She was a mess to be completely honest. That became even more evident when she doubled over outside his house. Like the kind person he was, he held her hair back for her as she emptied her stomach on his pathway.

"You good?" He still had hold off hair whilst she nodded miserably.

"But, I don't live here."

"I know you don't."

"So why are we here?"

"I live here. You're stayin' with me tonight." He tugged at her hand gently, wrapping his fingers around her wrist when her palm became too sweaty to keep hold of. The only thing he could feel now was the rapid throbbing of her pulse. He stared at her worriedly for a minute but she let go of him and wandered off. Leaving him to hurriedly lock the front door and take her upstairs before she woke anyone.

"I'm not sleepy." She blinked, her eyes were wide with no sign of fatigue whatsoever.

"Well, we're goin' to be bed anyway." He placed an empty bin by her bedside. "Please, try and aim for the bin if you're gon' throw up?"

"I'm sick?" Quickly sitting herself up, he grabbed her shoulders and pushed her down again.

"Stop panicking, you're fine." He wasn't sure of he was telling himself that or her but he wanted to believe it too.

"I wanna go home."

"You can go home tomorrow. Go to sleep."

She remained quiet and secured in the bed sheets as he kicked his shoes off. He had no idea why she did this to herself. If she knew when she'd had enough, why did she keep drinking? He kept trying to come up with an answer as he climbed under the sheets next to her. He had a feeling it was going to be a sleepless night. Only two hours in and he was losing his patience.

"Nicki. Stop fidgetin'." There was no response. "Nic?" Turning over quickly after switching his table lamp on, he scanned his eyes over her body. Her jaw was clenched as she continued to grind her teeth harshly. Her body kept tensing up. The small beads of sweat glistening on her forehead as she writhed around a little.

"Mm." She flinched slightly at the brightness.


"SB. Turn it off."

"Lemme look at your eyes." Gripping her clammy face gently he pulled her chin up to get a better look. "Your pupils are huge."

"Stop it." She pulled away and blinked slowly whilst trying to make her distorted surroundings seem more real.

"You've taken somethin'." Flaring his nostrils slightly he was struggling to keep his cool. "Nicki, what did you take? Tell me."

"I didn't take anything." She stopped immediately and moved her hand to her forehead, trying to get her bearings. "I can't believe you think I'd do that, Safaree." She had definitely taken something, this wasn't normal for her.

Throwing the covers back he grabbed his phone off of the nightstand. He knew exactly who to call to find out.


If it wasn't for the fact that he was desperate for the bathroom, there was no way Drake would have heard his phone. Laughing at the caller ID he answered as he made his way upstairs.

"Hey, SB-"

"What did she give her?"

"What?" He frowned quizically.

"Mia! She put somethin' in Nicki's drink!"

"Aye, calm down."

"Go find her. I wanna talk to her."

"SB, I'm tellin' you Mia didn't put anythin' in Nic's drink, she wouldn't-"

"Well somebody fuckin' did!"

"Did Nicki tell you that?"

"No she didn't tell me that, she's completely fucked up!"

"You at the hospital?"

"Nah, I'm headin' there now." Drake could hear rustling as he spoke. "Lemme tell you somethin'. If I get there and they tell me she's got any kind of drug in her..." He trailed off, trying to remain calm.

"I swear to you, Mia wouldn't pull a stunt like that."

"You better hope her ass wouldn't do somethin' that low."


*I was actually half asleep when I wrote this so excuse any errors and mistakes :/ I'll tryyy and make the next chapter a bit more...Interesting but I've really been struggling with my OF fics atm :( I don't know why. I think it's because I stepped away from them for a while. I've lost touch with them. Anyway, I hope this was at least tolerable for you guys :// Oh and don't even ask about the title lol it made sense before I started writing...But not so much anymore!*


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