Friday, 5 October 2012

7. Taking The Next Step - Part One

*Apologies first up, I stupidly put false nails on BEFORE typing this out smmfh so there will be typos that I might miss XD My bad! Hope this is alright for everyone ALSO I have something to tell you all at the end of this :) And it's MAD short causa uni work, I'm sorry :(*

As they pulled up to the house Nicki's nerves seemed to intensify, which she didn't believe was possible until she felt her knee bouncing uncontrollably. She was greeted with the lovely sight of some random dude throwing up outside. Pleasant. Safaree was still for a moment after turning the engine off.

"You ready?" He looked at her hopefully, he knew she was nervous.

"I guess." Smiling back she freed herself from the seatbelt as he exited the car and went to get her door. She could get used to this.

Actually going inside and entering the new atmosphere was the worst. Everybody, no exaggeration, everybody stared at her on the way through. She figured Safaree was searching for Tyrell. She felt him grab her hand and hold it tight as they moved through to what she guessed was the kitchen. It was a big ass house though, and she clocked what looked like a pool outside through the kitchen window.

"Aye! SB!" She loosened her grip on his hand, letting him greet his friends. Out of habit she looked down so as to avoid meeting anyones eyes. Especially the group she was stood with now. That feeling started eating at her. The feeling that someone was staring at her and she began to get uncomfortable.

"Hey man!" Ugh. Drake and his pathetic ass had to be here too. Mia had to be around somewhere. The whole place smelled of skank.

"Y'all know Nicki right?" She was screaming "No" in her head as he gently pulled her into the circle.

"Oh shit! No way! That's Onika, like, that chick that helps him!" He slapped Drake's chest hard. She could tell he was drunk. Safaree still had no idea how his friends treated Nicki or what they did and said to her.

"Don't be like that." He shook his head moodily and looked at Nicki. "You wanna go get a drink?" She didn't speak and nodded as he guided them back though to where he saw the drinks on the way in. She wasn't good with alcohol. It went straight to her head and consequently made her do things she would never usually even dream of. She and her best friend had got utterly wasted at her house once. Needless to say she couldn't remember a thing. Safaree got them both a drink and handed one to her. "Come on let's go outside, it might be quieter." She barely heard his shouting but wasn't about to stand by herself and let him leave her, so she followed him closely. Once they were outside her ears were relieved instantly but her eyes weren't. Mia and her hussies were stood by the deck chairs surrounding the lit up pool. Thankfully it was dark out and they hadn't noticed her. Yet. "You ok? You're not cold?" She smiled and shook her head no.

"I'm good, thanks." They stood for a while talking and laughing, he had her in hysterics at some of the things he said and she did him too. He liked that she wasn't just smart and stunning, she had a sense of humour too. But naturally, Mia noticed the laughter and made her way over to them. Why? Why couldn't she just let her have her fun night with Safaree? Cussing her out in her mind she stayed silent to see what exactly this bitch wanted. Safaree immediately sensed Nicki's change in body language as she went quiet.

"Onika? Onika Maraj? The fuck are you doin' here? We ain't book no clown appearance for this party!" Nicki furrowed her brow and looked down immediately becoming self conscious about the way she looked.

"Fuck outta here Mia! Nobody wants you around, 'cept Drake 'cause the nigga's fuckin' desperate to get his dick wet and everybody knows you're easy as fuck!" The group of hoes went silent allowing the sting of Safaree's words to hit her. She was speechless as Nicki tried her hardest to stop her smile from spreading across her face.

"Excuse me?!" She propped her hand on her hip and rolled her neck. "Who the fuck you think you're talkin' to?!" She flipped her hair when he didn't reply and stalked off with her sheep following close behind. All that could be heard was Nicki's stifled laughter as she finally let the giggles escape.

"Wow! That was...funny!" She covered her mouth politely as she laughed. Just the small things she did like that had him mesmerised. It was so strange.

Back inside Mia was fuming. How dare he speak to her like that in front of her friends. It wasn't Nicki that had said it but she was going to make sure that she was the one to receive the message about how pissed she was. And she had the perfect plan to humiliate her, after all it wouldn't take much. The smallest things made her blush.

"Let's go sit down, I forgot you're wearin' Nina's stilts." She laughed as he led her over to the chairs although it was kind of pointless because they stayed standing, she was surprised at herself. There were tonnes of people out there but she'd somehow managed to zone them all out, something she's always struggled to do. She hadn't heard but Safaree picked up on the comments people were making when they arrived. Nobody could believe that this was the same Onika, he could because whatever she was wearing or not wearing for that matter, she still looked flawless to him. He noticed her looking towards a few people who had their eyes on them. "They're not bein' mean y'know?"

"What?" She crinkled her brow and moved closer to him.

"I heard what they're sayin' 'bout you."

"They're talkin' 'bout me?" He saw the panic on her face instantly.

"No, no not like that! They were sayin' good things." She relaxed a little as he laced his fingers with hers. Their hands fit perfectly even though his were huge in comparison to hers. He licked his lips and she felt herself doing the same as he moved closer. Honestly she was freaking out. A lot. But the alcohol was somewhat kind of relaxing her, yet she was still in control of her actions. Before she had chance to do anything she felt his lips against hers, not being forceful though. He let her take the next step and was relieved when she didn't pull away but instead deepened the kiss, parting her lips slightly to give his tongue access. His hands were on waist holding her firmly as she ran her hands over his body too. Liking what she felt under shirt and vice versa. After a few more seconds she pulled away as her cheeks started burning. She looked down as her dimples got deeper and deeper, which made him smile. "So." She looked at him shyly waiting for him to continue. "Where does this leave us?"

"Where do you want it to leave us?" She swayed slightly as he took her other hand into his, smiling like a mad man. That answered her question. She giggled at his face before someone calling her name snapped her out of their little moment.

*O_O I'm sorryyyyy it's short! I feel so much more pressure with this one cause it's the one everyone requested the most >_< Hope it was okayish, I just want to remind you all that this was the blog that was going to have shorter chapters than my others ^_^ ANYWAY on to the thing I had to tell you, I feel more attached to this one, it may sound stupid, because I've woven some of my life into the story. Certain parts reflect me and some things that happen are my own personal experiences so, yeah! I get a little bit nervous about reading the comments XD Anyway hope it was okay and THANKU for all the comments on the previous chapter.*


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