Thursday, 25 October 2012

9. Drink Your Sleep Off?

*Right, first off lemme just say how glad I am that one of the readers said that they can relate to this story too! I don't wanna say too much but most of things that Mia and Nicki do or the stuff that happens to them is basically either situations that I've been in or things I have done and still do XD Anyway hope this is alright for you, I'm tryin' to make my chapters longer too by the way but I get my stories all tangled and confused when I do that lmao!*

As soon as they got back to Nicki's place there was nobody there but them. Of course Mia and her vain little self ran up to the bathroom to fix her face up and get rid of the smeared mascara as Nicki got them both a drink. She did wonder whether an alcoholic one would be best for her sake having to deal with Mia's troubles but she decided against it. Sitting down the drinks on the coffee table she waited for her to come back downstairs. It took a while.

"Ugh. I'm sorry I didn't mean to get all emotional on you."

"S'all good, now you gon' tell me what's up? Or keep it bottled up?" Popping the 'P' she reached out and handed Mia's glass to her as she took a seat on the couch.

Blinking the tears back she spoke up softly. "Ion wanna talk 'bout it Nicki. But thanks, y'know? For offerin' to be an ear to listen."

"No problem." Allowing the silence to fill the room Nicki was having a mental argument with herself about whether or not to press her. Isn't that what girls do? "I think you should talk 'bout whatever it is that's botherin' you though. I mean, it's not good to hold it all in."

"You don't get it though."

"Get what Mia? What is there to get? You're upset and I'm askin' as a friend 'What's up?' Why is that so complicated?"

"'Cause I have nobody to talk to. I'm completely alone."

"Bitch, whatever! You got a tonne of friends and I just said I was here didn't I?"

Mia stayed silent for a minute before taking a sip of her drink. "I'm pregnant."

Bam. Way to shock the living daylights out of someone. Nicki felt herself choking on what to say. "Forreal?" The way she asked was kind of insensitive but it still served the same purpose.

"No I'm just messin' with you!" Breaking out into a fit of giggles Mia rocked around as she howled at Nicki's face.

"Bitch that was not funny!"

"But you shoulda seen your face though!" She carried on cackling as Nicki gave in to the giggles watching Mia almost pee herself.

"Imma get you back for that, and when you least expect it too."

They talked and laughed for ages until Mia suggested they move on to drinking something a little stronger.

"Ion know Mia, I'm not good with alcohol. I blackout."

"You mean pass out?"

"No. Blackout, there's a difference."

"So you just blackout for a bit then go back to normal?" She asked as she rummaged through Nicki's drinks cabinet.

"No, once I've had too much for my own good then that's it. I blackout, I'm still walkin' 'round doin' shit but Ion ever recall anythin' I say....Or do. So, no drinking." She gently took Mia's hands away from the cupboard doors and shut them.

"Well if you just have one then that won't happen, right?" She raised her eyebrows mischievously as Nicki agonized over a decision.

"Fine. But only one." Releasing Mia from her grasp she let her sort out the glasses and stuff.

A couple of drinks later they were both feeling giggly as Nicki tried to ask a serious question.

"Why did you act like that?"

"Like what?"

"Before I was with Faree you were thee biggest bitch to me, why?"

"Oh my God you honestly don't know?"

Nicki shook her head gently as she consumed the last of what was in her glass. "Nup."

"I was...Well, still am insanely jealous of you Nicki! Even more now since you sorted yourself out."

She couldn't believe what she was hearing. "You? You're jealous, of me?"

"Yeah I mean look at you, your ass is colossal, your fucking boobs are just....Ugh, there are no words for them! And to top that off you're smart, funny and got a pretty lil' face. Like, who the fuck can compete with that?" She shook her head and stood up. "Refill?"

"Yeah, thanks." As Mia staggered away she thought about what she had just said. As if Mia was jealous of her.

As more and more alcohol was consumed Mia was spilling more and more information. Then the topic of Drake was brought up.

"Please, don't even get me started on him." She skulled her drink and slammed it on to the side-table.

"Oop! Trouble in a paradise?" Nicki giggled uncontrollably at nothing particularly funny.

"I'm not even his girlfriend, did you know that?"

"Wait, what? I thought y'all had been datin'..." She tried to count on her hands but gave up. "Forever?"

"Nope, he told me a while ago that we were just havin' a bit of fun. Basically when he wants some he calls, and I come runnin'."

"Mia nooooo! Why you lettin' him do that?" She crawled over to her on the couch as Mia blinked lazily.

"Honestly? Ion know...." Trailing off she quickly changed the subject. "Can I stay here tonight?" Her bloodshot eyes locked on to Nicki's.

"Sure, I think we gon' pass out anyways. So it doesn't make a difference." Resting her head on Mia's shoulder she felt herself getting sleepy.

"You better not be goin' to sleep? It's only 10pm, you're parents are away and we could have all the fun we want. Lets go." Jumping up she knocked Nicki's head off of her shoulder.

"Wait, what are you doin'?" Following her through to the kitchen she watched as she filled her glass up again. "Ugh, no! No more for Nika. I feel sick."

"Get over it, the only way to feel better is to drink more." Scrunching her face up in confusion Nicki was about to ask another question but Mia thrust another drink into her hand.

"Bottoms up."

Cackling like a pair of witches they both listened to a confused Drake as the continued to toy with him over the phone. They had him on loud speaker and he knew it was them but he'd only just at that moment guessed that they were completely wasted.

"Are you two at a party, 'cause I can't hear any music?"

"No dumbass, Mia's over at my pla-house." Ruffling up her locks Nicki looked over at Mia who was holding her hand to her mouth in hysterics.

"You're playhouse? Nicki what are you talkin' 'bout?"


"Yes that's what you said. Playhouse."

"Nigga I said no such thing."

"Oh my God." He stopped to laugh for a second. "I can't believe you're both drunk, together, alone and I'm missin' it."

"Oh?" The girls shared a look before Nicki spoke up again. "Whattya think you're missin' out on?"

"Ion know, you tell me?" Mia's face lit up as she took the phone.

"You ever seen Nicki in her underwear Aubrey?" She spoke in her best drunken sultry tone as she held eye contact with her completely baffled friend.

"Oh God, where you goin' with this? Wait, are you....Are you two in your underwear right now?"



"Mhmm." She hummed against the phone as she twirled the ends of her hair. "Anyway, we're real busy so, Imma let'chu go. Bye." Clicking to end the call before he could even say anything they both erupted into a fit of giggles.


"No, her parents are away for the weekend, why?" Safaree asked curiously as he unlocked his front door. He'd just finished work as he got a call from Drake.

"I'm tellin' you they're beyond drunk."

"Word? 'cause Nic really isn't good with alcohol, like, a couple glasses and she's done."

"Sounds like they've had more than a few."

"Aight, well I was gon' go see her tonight anyhow so I'll check they ain't burned the house down or anythin' like that." He laughed as he dropped his keys on to the kitchen counter. After saying goodbye they hung up as Safaree went to shower before heading over to Nicki's, wondering what kind of state they were going to be in. As he knocked on the front door he could hear laughter growing nearer until Mia pulled the door open. She was actually in her underwear like Drake had told him.

"Mia would you get inside before someone sees you?" Gently grabbing her shoulders he moved her inside as he shut the door behind him. "Jesus, how much have y'all had?" Looking around him there was a few empty tall bottles and Nicki was laying on her front sprawled across the couch.

"Mmm I-Ion Know, but Nic-" She hiccupped before sitting awkwardly on the arm of the chair. "Nicki fell asleep and left me."

Looking over at her he sighed, she was in nothing but her thong and a shirt. "What was wrong with just watchin' a movie or somethin'?" He chuckled as he got nearer to Nicki, noticing her bra slung over the back of the chair. "Wow." Carefully scooping her up he headed towards the stairway as he saw Mia curling up on the couch where Nicki previously lay. This was hysterical. Ascending the stairs he walked in the direction of Nicki's room and put her down on her bed whilst he shut her curtains and when he turned back around he saw her eyes open a little.



"Why you up here, if my Mom walks in-"

"She's not here remember?"

"Oh yeah." She was talking really slowly and quietly as she fought to keep her eyes from shutting again.

"Come on, you should go to bed." He attempted to lift her again so he could pull her comforter back but she pulled him close to her. She wasn't as incapacitated as he first thought but she was still fairly drunk, nothing compared to Mia though. She'd obviously had a lot more. "Nicki, let go. Imma fall on you."

"So?" She whispered against his neck as he struggled to stay upright.

"Nicki." His tone and pronunciation made her scoff.

"Ugh don't say my name like that! You sound like my fuckin' dad." Letting go of him she rolled on to her back and put her hands on her hips as she started to impersonate him. Not able to hold his laughter in or pull his eyes away from her tight shirt and bra-less body, he sat down on the edge of her bed with his back to her.

"Good job you stopped drinkin' when you did." He could feel her shifting around as she sat up slowly and made her way over to where he was, before sitting directly behind him and resting her head on his back and letting her legs fall on either side of him.

"Can you stay here with me tonight, please?" Her voice was muffled as she was speaking into his shirt and she was sat behind him but he could make out what she was saying. In his mind he knew he wouldn't let anything happen between them whilst she was drunk so he couldn't see any reason not to stay.

"Sure, but no funny business Onika." He felt her giggling before wrapping her arms around his torso from behind. "Thank you."


*I know, it's short :// But I had a weird test/exam thing today which I completely forgot about cause it was an online one -.- I ONLY just made it on the site with a minute to spare! Anyway hopefully this was alright, I know it was a lil' pointless but It'll lead somewhere....I think o-O Thx for all the comments on the last chapter too ^___________^*


  1. I still wanna know Mia's issue, cuz she completed avoided it w/ that "I'm pregnant" joke.
    But anyway, I was so scared they'd get drunk & Mia would set Nicki up. Glad Safaree came over. No funny business(;

  2. I think she is pregnant , who jokes about being pregnant. She's hiding something from Nic that seems to be really bugging her. Glad Safaree came over to check on her. I was kinda scared thinking Drake was gonna come over for a little 'fun' . Thank God he didn't and did the right thing & called Safaree.

  3. I still don't like Mia, she up to something. Tryin... well gettin Nicki drunk and Y did she take a picture of Nic? She better not send that picture out to everybody since she is jealous of her. Oh and Mia a hoe, she all in the door with just panties on and she in front of SB like that... Hoe! Lmao!

    1. Oh and SB is to funny, tellin Nicki no funny business lol she look like she get freaky when she drunk LMAO

  4. Soooo. I Mia and Drake are constantly seeing each other when he wants some, then I do think Mia is pregnant. Maybe she got herself and Nic drunk so they could forget about it. Eh, idk. Thank goodness for Safaree tho. Great chapter!

  5. Nahh, she's pregnant. I just think she didn't like Nic's reaction. & SB's staying the night...Hmmm. lol

  6. I still am skeptical about Mia and something must still be wrong with her, she's trying to drink her problems away. Nic gon try to get it in with Safaree :)))

  7. Mia's definitely up to something. At first I thought she was gonna pretend to get drunk and trick Nicki into drinking. I don't trust her at alllll and I wonder what's up with her... Nicki's a freak lmaooo she cute

  8. I think that Mia might be up to something. I dont know what it is yet, but I do know that it isnt gonna be too swell. Also, I knew that Mia was jealous of Nicki.

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  10. lmaooooo Nicki drunk is always funny. fictional or not. Mia is a hot mess for more reasons than one. They are too funny for callin drake, and Safaree is a sweetheart for coming and checking on them. Post soon please.


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