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8. Taking The Next Step - Part Two

*Okay so I'm not making excuses or anything here but I have been literally buried under all my uni work and I have one more paper to write then I'm done!! I tried to post earlier for you guys but it was impossible! Anyway so what I'm trying to say is I'm superr tired and I'm sorry about any mistakes or if it sounds rushed :/ Hope it's ok for everyone!*

Both Nicki and Safaree turned in the direction from which the voice came. It was Mia.

"The fuck does she want now?" Nicki looked up as Safaree whispered. The smile had gone from his face. Dragging her eyes back to Mia's figure she saw her moving closer to them.

"Bitch, did you not hear me yellin'? I asked why the fuck you were still here?" She crossed her arms forcefully as her manicured nails pressed into the skin on her arms. Nicki could feel herself losing patience and thanks to Mia's whiny ass screeching, people were starting to look over at them.

"Excuse me?" Both Safaree and Mia jolted their heads back when Nicki spoke, especially hearing the attitude clearly layering her words.

"Oh? So you can speak then? You don't have to get your guy to say everythin' for you?" She snorted before flattening the ends of her hair down with her hands.

"What's your problem Mia? Why you gotta be up in my fuckin' face all the time?!" Her eyes bugged slightly as Nicki squared up to her. For once someone was giving back what she handed out.

"First of all, take a step back." She held her hand up and motioned for Nicki to move away. Dumb broad. Going straight past her outstretched palm Nicki grabbed a handful of Mia's ruffled dress on her chest and yanked her forward. More people were staring at this point especially since Safaree had stepped between them slightly in attempt to stop anything crazy from happening.

"Nicki let go, come on she's not worth it." He tried to talk her away from the situation but she looked pissed. In fact he wasn't sure whether or not to run himself. But the look on Mia's face right now was priceless, if only he had a camera.

"You lucky all these niggas're here right now." Mia looked around at everyone staring, they were just waiting for something to happen but once Nicki had finished talking she shoved Mia backwards. She shut the hoe up that's for certain. Had it only been the two of them there's no doubt that Nicki would have handed her ass to her. As she moved away from the embarrassed wreck Mia now was she felt Safaree's hand wrap around hers. He was still there as everyone else went back to partying.

"You wanna leave? We could go back to my place?" Looking up at him she pondered whether or not to go, everyone else around them had already gone back to their own business as the music was turned up even louder than before and people started jumping into the pool. Mia had vanished too. Probably taken her ass back to Drake.

"Yeah, sure." He mirrored her smile as he said goodbye to his friends and made their way back to his car.


"Forreal though, I thought you were gonna slap the bitch silly!" He laughed and shovelled another slice of pizza into his mouth as Nicki leaned into his side with her legs laying over his thighs.

"Mmm, I really wanted to!" She licked the sauce off of her thumb and continued to giggle.

Seriousness now covered his face as he crunched on the last bit of pizza crust. "What stopped you?"

"Honestly? Ion know, I didn't wanna cause a scene I guess." As she finished her sentence she lay her head on the back of the couch, still pressed into his side.

"Good move." He trailed off and looked around the lounge room for a couple of seconds. "You wanna watch a movie or somethin'?"

"Sounds good, wuchoo got?" She leant away from him as he stood up and gently placed her legs back on to the couch where he was sat.

"Uhm, all sorts!" He went silent as he searched for some good ones. "What about this?" He asked after a few minutes of scanning the dvd rack. Nicki nodded happily and made herself comfortable again. Although she had to rearrange the way she was sitting once he returned but she didn't mind.

The movie had only been running for about fifty minutes when he looked down to see Nicki staring up at him, not in a creepy way. She was just watching him peacefully. He felt her hands running over his stomach and up his chest as she snuggled in closer to him. He didn't think it was possible to be any more drawn to her but that thought was pushed out of his head as she moved up to his mouth grazing his lips with her own. It made him feel good in the sense that she was making the first move this time. He liked that. Their little make out session lasted a few minutes but as they were getting more into it and the feeling was becoming heated the lounge room door bust open making them both jump. Swiftly bringing her fingers to her swollen lips she wiped at the slightly smeared lipstick. Luckily it was only a light shade.

"Oop! My bad bro!" Nina chuckled and winked at a blushing Nicki before giving a goofy thumbs up sign. "I'm headin' to bed now kids. Y'all better behave down here!" Laughing again she shut the door. They waited until they heard her feet travelling up the stairs until speaking again.

"Sorry 'bout her I-"

"No, no don't be!" Nicki chuckled seeing how devastated he looked. "Well, I better get goin'. My Mom said I had to be home before 1am, I had a really good night though. Thank you." Safaree smiled, responding to everything she just said before glancing at his watch.

"Nic, you do know it's almost 3 right?"

"What?! Oh my God nooo!" She leapt up off the couch and started grabbing her belongings when she heard him laughing and stopped. "What's so funny?"

"Wow, you really think it's that late? I'm messin' with you, it's just gone twelve." She dropped her shoulders and dead faced him before throwing her purse at his chest.

"Asshole. I was abouta run home barefoot!" Pouting as she stood glued to the spot he rose to his feet and walked over to her, he towered over her even more as she wasn't wearing Nina's shoes at that moment. The closer he got to her the more she had to crane her neck to look up at him. He didn't stop until her chest was pressed firmly against his torso. Leaning down slightly he felt her shift as she tried to tiptoe up to his reach, as he drew her bottom lip gently into his mouth they heard a noise. Another interruption. Huffing in frustration she pulled away and headed back over to where her phone lay. Her Mom was ringing. "Ugh, she's prolly callin' to get me to come home." Rejecting the call she threw her phone back into purse and her eyes met his.

"I'll just go throw some shoes on and I'll take you." As he headed to the hallway she placed Nina's shoes in the middle of the room, leaving her little thank you note sat next to them. She really owed her.


"So you had a good night?" He cut the engine as the car plunged into silence.

Her dimples made an appearance as she stared at him. "Are you kidding? Safaree I had the best night ever, thank you." They shared another kiss as he said goodbye, he wanted to walk her to the door but she knew if her father was still up he'd have something to say. Eventually she managed to talk him into staying in the car, but he still watched her until she was safely inside.

Usually she'd announce her return home with a yell or something but since it was almost 1am she decided against it, even though Cai was at Jelani's. Heading up to her room she had the most gigantic smile plastered on her face, catching sight of herself in her bedroom mirror she laughed. "You look like a fool Onika, get yo' ass together!" Pulling out her earrings she undressed and headed for the shower before falling asleep nestled in her blankets, thinking about him.

*** Two Months Later ***

In three days it was officially their two month anniversary, and the next day it would be Safaree's birthday. Pacing around the store she continued looking for something to get him. A hell of a lot had changed in the last few weeks, no longer seen as an outcast or a shy little individual Nicki was welcomed into the very group that had made her life a living hell. She didn't know whether or not to be happy about it but one thing was for sure, she was glad she didn't have to deal with any of their shit anymore!

"Sooo, how far have y'all got together?" Nicki's brow deepened as she looked at Mia.

"Bitch I am not abouta spill the deets on my personal life! The fuck outta my business!" She laughed as she pushed her shades off her face and on to her head. Yup, you heard right. Nicki was out shopping. With Mia. Ever since she'd been more friendly with Safaree and was now his girlfriend the other people he hung out with had warmed to her, including Mia. It still felt weird to Nicki though. Not one to drop her guards quickly she was keeping a close eye on her.

"What?! Come on Nicki, you know all about me and Aubrey!"

"Mia, everybody knows what you and Drake do in yo' spare time!" Her mouth contorted into an 'o' shape as Nicki continued flicking through the clothes rack. "And put your face straight would you!" Feeling a thump on her upper arm she flinched and giggled at the same time.

"I can't stand you right now. Friends are 'sposed to talk about this kyna shit!" Moving to stand in front of her she pouted and waited for Nicki to talk.

"No. Now move I wanna go to KFC before we leave." She rolled her eyes at Mia's gagging.

"I really don't understand how you can eat that shit! It's so fuckin'-"


"Yeah!" Her voice raised an octave as she pulled a pear out from her bag. "See? Now this is good food!" She took a bite and smiled at Nicki's face.

"If I wanted to eat rabbit food I'd go to the freaking pet shop!" They both laughed as they made their way over to KFC.


Driving back to her place Nicki looked over briefly at the passenger seat. Mia was being super quiet as she stared pointlessly out of the window. Great. Did this mean she had to ask her what was wrong? or should she just ignore her and pretend not to notice? Being the kind-hearted person that she is, speaking up seemed like the right thing to do.

"You kay Mia?"

"Mmm, I'm fine." She pulled her eyes away from the window and looked down at her lap. Nicki knew she wanted to say something.

"Y'know, if there's somethin' wrong you can tell me. You know I won't judge." She folded her lips and kept her concentration on the road as they neared some traffic lights.

"Actually, yeah somethin' has been....botherin' me."


"Y'know ages ago? At Tyrell's party?" Nicki nodded, allowing Mia to continue. "Well what SB said-"

"He didn't mean that Mia." She knew exactly what she was referring to.

"Ion believe you! Why would he say it if it wasn't true?! Nobody denied it did they? And to make it worse Aubrey practically admitted it the other night..." She trailed off as Nicki knocked the air con down a notch.

"Word?" She felt awful, it wasn't even true. People just believed what they heard and what Safaree said that night about Drake only wanting her for sex and her being easy had obviously been eating away at her. "What'd he say?" She pulled out a box of tissues as Mia's tears started rolling down her cheeks. The traffic lights seemed to be stuck on red. In her head she was praying they'd change, she didn't know how long she could deal with this.

"It's not so much somethin' he said....He just, ugh!" She swiped angrily at her tears. "I promised myself I'd never get like this over another fuckin' guy again! And look at me!"

"What did he do Mia?"

"....Nothin', nothin'. Come on let's just get back to yours, the lights have changed." Nicki jumped hearing the car behind beeping at her. Swiftly flicking her finger up in the rearview mirror she continued back to her house. Determined to get to the bottom of this mess.

*I'm really, really sorry it's not much! The next time I post on this I'll hopefully have no papers or assignments due! It's been super hectic! SO hopefully the next chapter will be little more detailed and less rushed :// Hope this was ok though :) And thanks for all the comments on the previous chapter! OH and I deleted the post about this but if anyone wants notifying about posts via twitter from this point onwards I WON'T be using my actual account any more so follow @CarleesBlogs and I'll follow back too and notify you using that account instead! That make sense? o-O * x


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