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10. Up And Down - Part One

*I get so freaked out when I post for this one, I dnt know why! lol I think I get worried that as you judge the characters you'll might be judging me :/ Also I said that mainly Mia's character's issues and shit are strongly related to mine, I just want you all to know I am not pregnant nor have I ever been lmao! Moving on, here is chapter 10 ^_^ Hope it's ok for everyone!*

"Nicki. Stop." He took her wrist gently and put it back by her side. That was the third time it had started on his chest and gradually moved further down. Hearing her huff and start violently snatching at the covers he couldn't help but laugh to himself. Especially when she got herself in a knot and eventually stopped moving. "Need any help?"

"Don't touch me, I'm mad at you."

"Oh come on Nic, don't be like that." Even though she was drunk she could still tell he was laughing.

"I have to pee."

"Really?" He turned to look at her but only saw her head move up and down as she nodded. She was such a handful. "Well, lemme help you then." Moving up a little he pulled at the covers which had come loose from the bottom of her bed and become intwined in her legs after her little tantrum. Once she was free he watched her teeter over to her bathroom and shut the door behind her. He was thankful when she returned and fell straight to sleep without another word.


Wrinkling his face up again he swatted at the annoying tickling sensation he was feeling on his face. He opened his eyes only to see Nicki face to face with him as she ran the tip of her finger over the end of his nose and down his lips. She looked wide awake.

"Finally, you're awake." She grinned before quickly kissing his grumpy face and rolling off the bed. "Come on we have to go clean." She pulled at his arm waiting for him to move.

"Nicki, how the hell are you so damn cheery at eight in the mornin'?" He pulled the cover over his head again. He had no idea how she was up, awake and already dressed when he was quite sure she'd have a hangover after last night. Quickly growing impatient with him she climbed back on to the bed and straddled his waist since he was now laying on his back.

"Sa-Fa-Ree?" She tugged at the edges of the quilt to reveal his unimpressed face. "I'll make you pancakes if you come help me?"

"How do I know you ain't just lyin' to get me outta bed?"

"Isn't it usually the other way 'round? Lying to get somebody into bed?" She lay more emphasis on the word 'into' as she stared down at him. His eyes were elsewhere though. Squinting her own she tilted her head and laughed. "Why you always lookin' at me like I'm somethin' to eat?"

"'Cause you are." Without warning he flipped her over and pinned her down as she erupted into a fit of laughter. But a throaty cough made them both look to the doorway. It was Mia. And what a sight she was.

"Could you two please keep it the fuck down?" She shut her eyes as the sun shining through Nicki's window made her flinch. The moment she slumped off again they winded up laughing even louder.

"Wow, Ion think she's feelin' too good." Wriggling around underneath him she managed to get out of his grasp before standing expectantly in the door way. "Let's go Safaree, move!" He didn't have time to moan as she skipped off down the hall with him following shortly after.


She kept her word. Once they'd finished cleaning she made pancakes which were now sat in the middle of the table. Only himself and Nicki were actually eating them though as Mia sipped quietly and slowly at her coffee. The silence was oddly uncomfortable, but leave that to Nicki. She soon opened her mouth and eased the growing tension.

"What do you wanna do today?" She kept her eyes fixed on her plate as she wrinkled her brow with concentration. Safaree couldn't help but smile about how serious she was with trying to get her syrup just right.

"Sleep." Mia's voice was groggy, no wonder either. After cleaning up Nicki and Safaree checked her Father's drink cabinet to find that it was close to empty once they'd thrown away the finished bottles.

"Girl, go home and sleep! We got stuff to do." As she finished the last of her pancake she scooped up Safaree's plate and put them in the sink ready to wash once Mia's cup was empty. There was a couple things Nicki wanted to talk to her about but she'd wait until Safaree was gone for that.

The day was pretty average, they didn't do much else but lounge around and talk for the most part as Mia recovered from her night. Safaree was kind of hoping she'd just leave. But she didn't. She was asleep in Nicki's room though so that could sort of count as her not being there. Not taking a moment to think about it SB seized the opportunity to start a mini make-out session before putting a movie on. He had no idea why they bothered because they never watched the entire movie, they'd either start talking or kissing and not finish it. This was one of those moments as Nicki was just staring at the side of his face.


"Oh? So I'm not allowed to look at you anymore?"

"No, I never said that. I just wanted to know what you was lookin' at." He pecked her lips briefly whilst her eyes followed him the whole time before he started doing the same back to her. "What were you cryin' 'bout that day?" Her face automatically contorted with confusion at his random question.

"What day?"

"The day I first ever saw you, we bumped into each other in the hallway and you was cryin'."

"And you're only just askin' now?" She deadened her face at him slightly as he chuckled.

"No but forreal, what was up?" His face mirrored hers as she frowned remembering what Mia had said to her that day.

"Oh, I don't even remember to be honest."


"Safaree I'm not lyin'." Trying to distract him she kissed his lips multiple times to stop him from talking. It worked, he didn't ask anymore questions. He was a sucker for that and she knew it. There was something different this time though as she moved to straddle him again. His hands were running up and down the outsides of her thighs as he deepened the kiss and she draped her arms loosely around his neck. Then it happened. She moaned and quite honestly she was mortified. It came from nowhere but it didn't stop them, if anything it heated things even more. Moving his hands further up he gripped her hips tightly and moved them under her to grab at her ass, pulling another moan from her. They kept up the lip work as she felt his hands reaching under her shirt but her nerves got the better of her. Breaking the kiss she sat back on his thighs and folded her swollen lips whilst looking down.

"I'm sorry I-"

"Hey, don't apologise." He rolled her off of him gently and let her lean into his side as they watched the credits of their movie rolling up the screen. He knew she was nervous and desperately didn't want to pressure her, he was content just being like this. When the time was right, it would happen. He was sure of it.

Back upstairs she had no care for the mess she looked, or whether she'd embarrassed herself last night. Wiping yesterday's mascara from her tear stained cheeks she tried to hold back the urge to cry. She was so good at it usually, like, not one person had a clue what the hell was on her mind most of the time and to think she was close to spilling to Nicki yesterday, she shook her head in disbelief. This was so wrong. What was even the point? She felt as though her life was going to be like this forever. That she'd have to feel like this forever. Closing her eyes she breathed in and out slowly, controlling the tears as she did every day. She'd numbed herself. The alcohol? It didn't help her problems, it just let her escape them for the night but the next day it would be the same shit again. It sounded ridiculous aloud but in her mind and in theory she felt like she needed the alcohol in order to be liked. Otherwise she was just Mia, go a step further and take her makeup and she'd lose her identity too. Then she really was nothing. Nobody knew though. Nobody could possibly notice either, how would they? She had her face trained to look happy when she needed to. It was an art really and she had it down to a perfection. But she'd be damned if anyone knew of her true intentions. It was planned. It would happen, and not one person will have even had the foggiest clue that it was an inevitable transition she would make. Having always thought about it, she never guessed that she'd even consider. She had done other things to punish herself but they didn't stop her from feeling the way she did. This would though, she just knew it.

*I know it's SHORT kinda like me lol but I'm sorry I have exams coming up so I'm studying right now too. I only have three exams so I should be done in no time and then I get 3 months off *dances* ^-^ Anyways, I MIGHT, if I'm feeling bloggy, post part two tmrw if you want that is lmao :) Also what do you want updating nexxxt?? :) Or if you like you can just DM me on twitter, hope this was ok and thanks for all the comments on the last chap!!!*


  1. Lmaooooooo dead at Nic tryna get the dick last night! Then she turned around and got up early lawwwwwwd! Wtf is Mia even talking about? I still really dnt trust this bitch

  2. Aww. *remembers not to judge* Nicki is such a cute drunk. Lmao. But what is going on with Mia? Is she "plotting" something or hiding something? I'm confused. :/ See? I knew that "pregnancy joke" was a distraction. :||| Sad that alcohol is the way she chooses to cope. I want her to open up to Nicki. Awww, this is sad. :((

  3. Soooo it got a little heated I see, but Nic's nerves got the best of her. Aww. That's ok tho. I wanna know what's up w/ Mia tho. Hmmmm *thinks* Guess everything will happen in due time! WTWC next? ^_^

  4. I'm so confused on Mia situation , I tried reading it again and still don't understand what's going on. Nicki and Safaree was about to get it popping o.o , she's not ready and I'm glad Safaree understand that. He's not rushing her or anything. He's a keeper. Back to Mia, she need to talk to some one instead of keeping what she's going thru all bundle up inside.

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  6. They are some freaaaaks. But aww at Nic being scared to go through with it. I just don't get Mia, like what's her problem? I still think she's being corny.

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  10. Just because we judge the people in the story doesn't mean we will judge, I know I talk crazy about them but I would NEVER do that to u.
    Dead at Nic tryin to get the dick lol freaky ass lil girl, and they be mad cute. Um wtf is really going on with Mia? What is she keeping from everybody, is she thinking bout killin herself? Omfg she better not, I mean I still don't like her but I don't want her to kill herself either :/
    Great chapter as always, I'll be posting on Our Life this week maybe tonight :)

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