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11. Up And Down - Part Two

*Hope this is okay for everyone :) Thanku for all the comments last chapter! I know this is SUPER short but I'm just doing a teeny bit of a posting frenzy tonight and like I said on one of the other fics I updated, I'll be writing again as usual tomorrow. I'm bringing the order thing back in to make it easier for myself so it will go as follows (Unless Im struggling on a certain fic) FY, HIA, CAHM, WTWC and CM.*

Hearing the door shut loudly both Nicki and Safaree woke with a start. They'd fallen asleep on the couch, most likely down to the fact that she had woken them up so early to clean.

"Is that your parents?" His face was screwed up as he stretched his arms out, she was still in a sleepy state with her eyes closed.

"Can you see them?"


"Well then obviously it ain't my parents." Sitting up she pulled her gaze to window, only to see Mia climbing into the car with her brother. "Bitch didn't even say bye."

"Finally she's gone."

"Safaree, don't be so mean." She leant forward and snatched her glasses case from the coffee table before sliding them on to her face and pulling her hair back. "Can we do something? I'on wanna sit in all day." He didn't answer but just continued to stare at her face. "What?"


"No you were starin' at me weird. What?" She waited for him to reply but then realised. "Oh right, yeah." Her face turned a light shade of pink as she pulled her glasses off. "My contacts are upstairs, hold on." She stood up but squealed when he pulled her back down.

"Put them back on."

"Why? I'on need to wear 'em if I put my contacts in." Taking the glasses from her hands he put them back on her face and smiled when he was done.

"There. That's the Onika I remember meetin' in the hallway for the first time." He wasn't just saying that either. As of late she'd changed more than a little, not so much her personality but more how she looked and dressed. She reminded him of Mia sometimes. Speaking of the devil Nicki's attention was drawn to her phone when she got a text from her.

"Mia said she didn't wanna wake us, so she left without tellin' us bye."

"What's her deal? She's been actin' real weird recently."

"I'on know, somethin' to do with Drake probably. He's such an ass. I mean I know he's your friend and everythin' but..." She trailed off and shook her head. "Anyway, enough about her. What are we doin' today?"

"Nic, its's almost four. The day's practically over."

"You're so negative, we've got like, four or five hours of daylight left so let's do somethin'." She slapped his thigh and stood up. "I'm goin' to shower."

Pulling her still wet hair up into a bun she grabbed the lotion and headed to her bed and applied it before dressing herself and heading back downstairs.

"Safaree do you know where-" She stopped speaking instantly and slowed her pace down on the stairs as she came face to face with her Father. "Oh, Dad I didn't know you were back yet, I have to introduce you to someone-"

"I sent your little friend home." His face was not a happy one as he looked at her disappointedly.

"What? Why did you do that?" She descended the last two steps and was now looking up at him rather than down.

"I think you're forgettin' whose house this is! And what I don't appreciate is my daughter bringin' home people when I'm away." He hardened his face as she rolled her eyes with attitude.

"I'll just go over to his then." Aiming to move past him to the front door she felt his strong grip on her arm as he yanked her back.


Sitting at the dinner table he couldn't comprehend what had happened. As soon as Mr Maraj had forcefully shown him the door he had called Nicki to let her know but he guessed she was still showering. Even so, he'd called her at least twenty times since then and messaged her but she wasn't answering. His Mother noticed how quiet he was being as they all ate.

"Everything okay with you Safaree?"

"Hm? Oh, yeah I'm good." His answer didn't satisfy his Mother or sister as they both shared a look when he returned his concentration back to his plate. Before either of them could utter another syllable there was a small but urgent knock at the door.

"I got it, I'm done eatin' anyway." Setting his knife and fork down he made his way to the door whilst his Mother began clearing the plates away.

Back in the hallway Safaree wasted no time pulling the door open after seeing Nicki through the peephole.

"Nicki? What are you-" He stopped when he saw the state of her face. "What happened to your face?" His hands instantly grabbed her upper arms gently as he tried to look in her eyes. She was crying and refused to look up at him before he slowly led her inside. Announcing that Nicki was here he quickly took her upstairs, shutting his bedroom door behind them. "Nicki what the hell happened?" He made sure to sit down slowly next to her on the bed as she continued to shake.

"Can I stay here tonight, please?" The tears weren't falling properly, just resting on her bottom lid as she awaited an answer.

"Sure, you don't have to ask Nic." He pulled her too him and held her wondering what the hell had happened, he had a pretty good idea that it was something to do with his being there when her Father returned. "I'mma just go grab you some of Nina's stuff to sleep in, wait here." She did as he said and sat nervously waiting as he disappeared. He felt so guilty but managed to suppress those thoughts realising that she hadn't actually explained what even happened yet. After getting a t-shirt and some sweats he re-entered his room, Nicki was still sat in the same place. He got a better glimpse of her face as he set the clothes down next to her, it looked pretty painful.

"You want anythin'? Food? Somethin' to drink?"

"No, I'm good. Thanks." She was being really quiet compared to the Nicki he knew so well. The clothes now in her clutch she folded her lips and once again avoided eye contact as she sniffed. "Is there somewhere I can change?"

"Yeah, yeah 'course. I'm just gon' go grab some water, you can change in here." He smiled reassuringly but didn't receive one in return. Closing the door behind himself he jogged down the stairs and got two bottles just in case. He knew she wasn't going to open up straight away but he didn't mind, as long as she was there with him and safe he could wait for an explanation.


*Sorry it's short!*


  1. OH HEEELLLLL NO. That man did NOT put his hands on my Nika-Boo. NO. OMG. I'm pissed. How do you do that to your own kid? Ugh. Ima need for HIM to get his ass beat cuz NO. I can't even... I just...Ugh.

  2. did her dad do!?!? She was gonna introduce Safaree to hi, so it's not like she was being all sneaky! WTH!? I just....smh.


  4. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! You can't leave us hanging like that!!!!! WHAT THE HELL DID HE DO TO HER??!! He didn't even let her explain! He just beat her up! Noo :( Poor Nika!

  5. Ugh! Tf he think he is putting his hands on my Nic?!! Safaree is such a good bf to her

  6. Nooooooooo dont leave it there :( what did that bastard do to ha?!?!

  7. Why would he hit her like that?!?! :( why would he put his hands on her period . Is she gonna tell Safaree or??..,

  8. I cant believe left us with that ending. What the hell did he do to her? I have to know!!!!! Ugh! Carlee, -_-

  9. Ooh, this ending -__- Lol but why would he do that to her?!

  10. Omfg are u kidding me?! Wtf is goin on thru her dads head, like wth did he do to her? Smh I can't believe it

  11. I know he didn't hit her! Like wtf is wrong with him?! Smh. I hope she tells Safaree what happened.

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