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12. Security

*So, I haven't posted on this one in what feels like forever! I'm not sure if people are still interested in it but here goes! Alsooo I know I said no more of those kind of scenes, I was gonna get someone else to write it for me but I didn't so please excuse any errors. I am, after all, still an innocent little lady :3 So there are bound to be mistakes! Oh and thanku so much for all the previous comments, I think this chapter is a lil longer so I hope it's okay :/*

Having made his way downstairs that morning Safaree was sat with his Mom and Nina at the table. Only the sound of them eating breakfast could be heard before Mama Samuels spoke up.

"I thought you said Nicki was staying over last night?" She continued spooning cereal into her mouth after talking.

"Yeah, she did. She's still sleepin'. She's gon' be stoppin' for a couple days though, that okay?"

"Of course, she's always welcome here and she knows it." She smiled sweetly and stood, carrying her bowl and spoon over to the sink leaving the siblings to talk.

"How is Nicki? I saw her go out the bathroom last night, she didn't look too great." Nina tried to mask her worries with a smile.

"Nah, she won't speak. Somethin' happened with her Dad last night."

"Like what?" She frowned.

"I'ont even know." He rubbed his head remembering yesterday. "Her Mom and Dad was away for a few days and when they came back he went mad and threw me out like I was yesterday's fuckin' trash."

"Damn." Her eyes widened dramatically. "So, you think he was mad with her for havin' you over?"

He shrugged in response. "I'mma go see of she'll talk but I have a feelin' she's just gon' bury it all."

"Well, good luck." She smiled at her brother as she stood up. "And if you want, I could try and talk to her later?"

"Thanks, I'll see if she even opens up to me first."

"Aight, well I gotta get to work. I'll talk to you later." She finished clearing her dishes away and grabbed her coat before leaving. It was times like this when he was glad he had a sister.

After washing his own breakfast plates he made sure his Mom was busy doing something downstairs before moving up to his room to see Nicki. She was still sleeping, her hair laying over her bruised face. How could her own Father do that? He wondered to himself and shut the door before sitting on the edge of the bed. His weight caused the bed to sink as she opened her eyes slowly. The way her small hand swept the hair from her vision made him smile.

"Hey, how you feelin'?" He lay back down, facing her on his side as she stretched out slowly.

"Okay, I guess."

"Yeah, well you don't look okay." He frowned as he spoke to her. "Nicki, what the hell even happened last night?"

"Nothin'." She was speaking quietly and calmly. "And I'm sorry he threw you out yesterday." He could feel her hand on his face but ignored it, trying to work out what happened.

"Nothin'? Nicki, I'ont believe that. Look at your face." He folded his lips and ran his finger gently across her bruised cheek as she avoided eye contact. It felt hot and a little swollen. "Did he hit you?"

"Safaree, please could you just leave it?" The tone of anger and upset in her voice made him wary of making her bottle up even more than she already was.

"Fine. But you're stayin' here for as long as you need."

"Thank you." She kissed him sweetly and pulled back before settling in his arms again. Surely she'd open up to him soon, maybe if he stopped pressing her for answers and let her talk in her own time she'd tell him what really happened.

"You want somethin' to eat?" She shook her head no against his chest before sitting up slowly, reaching for her pounding skull as she winced.

"You got anythin' for a headache though?"

"Yeah, but you gotta eat before you go poppin' pills Onika." He sat up too and slid off of the bed. "C'mon, I'll go make you somethin'." Holding his hand out her let her place hers in his grip and led her to the lounge room. "I'll bring it through, you just sit still and take it easy." She got comfortable in the cushions and did as he ordered, waiting for him to return with her late breakfast.


The pills did their job and thanks to the pain relief they had her sleeping again in no time. Safaree couldn't believe how much she was bottling things up with him, how she wouldn't confide in him. They were supposed to feel like they could tell each other anything. His face remained troubled as he stared down at her sleeping into his side. Honestly, out in the day-time light her face didn't look all too bad, just a little bruised on her cheek.

"Safaree, what would you and Nicki like for dinn-" Her little voice interrupted his thoughts but by the time he'd tuned in she'd stopped having laid eye's and Nick's tinged cheek. "Oh my goodness, what happened?"

Thinking fast, SB spoke up. "Oh, she uh, took a toy truck to the face yesterday." He nodded and folded his lips as his Mother still looked just as confused. "Her little brother Ma, he threw a toy at her face."

"Oh!" She chuckled lightly. "Well, at least it didn't break the skin. There's some arnica gel up in the bathroom cabinet, tell her to put some of that on when she wakes up."

"Aight, thanks Ma." He grimaced after her comment, thinking of what her face could have looked like had her Father hit her any harder. He didn't need for her to say it was him, he just knew it. There was something about her Dad that didn't sit well with him but he couldn't work out what it was.

"Anyway, I'm going grocery shopping. What would you two like for dinner?" Her purse and keys were already in her grasp as she continued walking to the door.

"I'ont mind Ma, whatever you cook is fine by us." He turned to smile at her. "But thanks for askin'."

"Okay, well I'll be home soon. Don't forget, if you go out leave the spare key under the mat for Nina."

"Aight, will do." He waved once more before she left. Leaving him with his thoughts and Nicki's light breathing for company.


Sitting in the centre of her pink, girly, over-sized bedroom Mia was surrounded by her friends, her hangover finally subdued as she sipped on some sparkling water. Kelly was studying her reflection intently whilst Callie proceeded to get her hair done by Mia and over in the corner Zara lay comfortably on her side reading a magazine. Having avoided the topic for a while, Callie decided to bring it up.

"Mia, I thought you said you was gonna get your "revenge" on Nicki soon? And you stayin' over at her house and shit, what's up with that? Y'all best friends or somethin' now?"

"Please? Me? Friends with Onika? That's a goddamn joke Callie. I already said that I gotta be close to her before I can get her back." Mia continued braiding Callie's hair as she spoke to them all before Kelly interrupted.

"So you're gettin' revenge on Nicki for somethin' that her guy said?" Her face contorted with confusion. "Call me stupid but that's a lil' harsh, don't ya think? And ain't he Drake's friend?"

"Yeah, you're right Kel. You are stupid. Now stop questioning my decisions. Ever since that day Aubrey stuck up for the four-eyed bitch in Math she's done nothin' but rub me the wrong way. Drake has tonnes of friends, losing SB ain't gon' cost him anythin'."

"So, what are you gonna do?" Callie's voice was breathy as she tried to cope with how roughly Mia was handling her hair.

"I still don't know yet." She sighed. "I was supposed to try and think of shit I could get on her when I was at hers last night but I drank too much." She stopped braiding for a minute and pondered before continuing again, much to Callie's horror. Suddenly a devious smile found its way to Zara's face.

"Y'know, I was gon' have a pool party over at mine next weekend. We could invite Onika."

"Why the hell would you wanna invite-" She stopped dramatically and dropped the unfinished braid. "Ohh I get it." Her face mirrored Zara's as she nodded. "Oh my God. This is the perfect opportunity." The four girls started to plan for Saturday night, their devious minds pulled together could be a dangerous thing for someone classed as an outsider. Especially someone like Nicki.


Across town Safaree sat comfortably between Nicki's legs on his bed as she squirmed to get away from him.

"Nicki, would you sit still. I'm gonna miss and get it in your goddamn eye or somethin." Using the strength of his muscular arm he lay it across both her thighs to hold her still whilst he resumed his attempt to paste the arnica gel on her cheek.

"Safaree! That hurts!" She turned her head away from him. "It is a bruise y'know? They hurt when you touch them."

"Well if you sat still then I wouldn't keep on accidentally hurtin' it." His last words made her cease all movement as she held her breath and winced when he gently rubbed it on. "There, see? Now how hard was that?" He stood up and screwed the lid on trying not to smile at her pouting face.

"I'm doin' it myself next time. Your hands are too big and ungentle."

"Ungentle?" She nodded sadly as he got on to the bed again. "You don't think I could be gentle?"

"Not with those big ass hands." Softening her answer she let a small giggle escape before allowing more to follow when he moved over the top of her. Resting with his face just above hers, the small smile she had on her face soon disappeared once she felt his leg laying between hers with his other to the side of her.

"What is it?" He scanned her eyes for an answer when he noticed there was something obviously on her mind.

"Can I ask you somethin'?"

"Sure, go ahead." He maintained his position above her whilst she played nervously with the chain dangling from his neck as it rested on her succulent chest.

"Why do you like me? I mean, of all the girls you coulda gone for and have prolly been with before, yet you're layin' here on top of me. Ol' Goofy Nika. Why?"

"Nicki, I really like you." Her eyes flicked up to catch his briefly before he continued on. "Not just all of this." He said as he ran his hands gently over her body before tapping where her heart lay. "But all of this and what's inside too. You're the nicest, most kindest person I ever met and that's the God honest truth." Leaning down he kissed her delicately, feeling the tears on her face as he did so. "That gentle enough for you?" He smirked at her smiling through her tears as she stared up at him affectionately.

"Yes." She whispered and kissed him again.

"And don't think that I ain't noticed any of this shit either." He said sternly and rubbed the foundation from her cheek, most of it had gone milky with her tears. Pulling his hand up she studied it carefully and blinked. "Or that."

"What?" She sniffled and moved slightly under him to get more comfortable.

"Your contacts. I know you hate wearin' 'em. Where are your glasses?"

"I left them at home. I look better without them on."

"You look beautiful with and without them." He sat up, pulling her with him as they moved to sit against the headboard.

"Y'know, apart from my Mom you're the only person to ever tell me that?"

"Well, me and your Mom speak the truth and know when we see somethin' special." He pecked the side of her face, careful not to press on her sore cheek in the process as she stared ahead deep in thought.

Neither one of them could have guessed what would transpire that evening as their small exchanges of kisses turned into a more passionate make out session before he lay her beneath him once again. Feeling her breath quicken she decided to enjoy the feeling he was giving her as he took in every part of her body. His lips grazed almost every inch of her being that was accessible before he slowly began pulling her shirt up. He looked at her face, waiting for a signal but she just kept her eyes locked on to his, silently giving him permission to carry on undressing her.

He did exactly that as he peeled the thin fabric up over her head and cast it to the floor before placing his lips back upon her warm skin. It seemed as though each time he pulled away and moved back to her again her breathing would become more erratic. Her chest was heaving as she closed her eyes only to open them suddenly, feeling the coolness of his chain once again resting on her chest. Following it with her eyes she trailed them back up to his neck and reached out slowly to remove it, gaining more courage with each second that went by she felt herself grasping gently at the bottom of his shirt, pulling it up and over his head. His toned, dark chest now visible she unconsciously bit on the corner of her lip.

Completely unaware of how much she was exciting him at that moment, she let her hands trail along the sides of his muscular teenaged body whilst letting her nails rake up the curve of his back as he slowly unclasped her bra at the front. Her hands stopped moving instantly as she gasped before covering herself, quickly becoming shy and self conscious. It was as if that one movement had knocked her back ten steps.

"Hey, it's okay." He tugged carefully at her wrist, encouraging her to let him see her body. She was unsure at first and never spoke but wanting to continue she reluctantly moved her arms down to her stomach nervously. Her eyes were fixed on her own fingers before she felt his face nearing her. She inhaled sharply at his breath hitting her exposed chest. Slowly and tenderly he kissed, nipped and sucked at both of her breasts whilst she fought the urge to moan out. He could hear her stifling the moans and detached from her nipple quickly, causing her to open her eyes.

"What's wrong?" She immediately tried to sit up, thinking she'd done something wrong but felt his warm hands pushing her back down lovingly.

"Nothin's wrong. I just wanna hear you." Before she got chance to let another word leave her mouth he pressed his lips to hers again, she readily granted entrance to his tongue as he ran it along the part in her lips. Whilst they continued to massage one another's tongues her mimicked the same speed of movement with his hand on her breast, her fight to stop the moans was diminishing as she finally gave in and let his ears hear just how much he was pleasing her. She pulled away from the kiss and shut her eyes, sensing his hand gravitate lower and lower down her front until he reached the top button of her shorts. With one swift flick he'd unbuttoned and unzipped them already, allowing the top of her panties to show through the denim. Since pulling away from his mouth she'd gotten continuously louder as he ran his lips along her neck after kissing down her jawline. What she felt next however was beyond what she could have ever imagined. Her knees automatically raised and her mouth gaped as he pressed his finger down on to her sensitive area, his hand resting beneath her shorts but above her panties. She wasn't aware of how moist she was until he slipped his hand under the soft material of her underwear, slowly rubbing and massaging her attentively. Noting her breath changes and the noises that she made in order to repeat what she liked.

"Oh God." He smiled down at her exasperated moan as she let her hips move back and forth with the rhythm he'd set in to motion with his hand.

"You like that?"

"Mmmm." She moaned out loudly before attempting to talk, her words layered with lust. "I do, I really do. Please, don't stop." He did as she asked, flicking his fingertip faster over the swollen bundle of nerves as she got closer to climaxing for the first time. "Uh, shit! I feel like I-"

"It's okay, let it happen." He speeded up the rhythm more and more as the frequency of her moans indicated the onset of her orgasm. To her the overwhelming feeling of heat and pleasure that washed over her was intense, she could feel her walls pulsating as she gripped on to his arms with her hands. Her eyes slowly de-wrinkled and opened up to look at him.

"Oh my God." She breathed out and continued to stare up at his face, still panting with bliss. Leaning down to kiss her he lingered for a while before returning his hand back to her shorts. She waited in anticipation for him to remove them.


She felt like a silly schoolgirl with a crush who couldn't wipe the goofy grin off of her face. Only she head every reason to be grinning like a cheshire cat. For behind her lay Safaree, the both of them laying intertwined and on a high after what had just happened. Although he wasn't a virgin she was, well, not anymore. She sighed happily feeling his chest rise and fall against her back, even though it had been her first time it felt right. Obviously it hurt at first but after the discomfort diminished she liked it. A lot.

"Yo, Nic are you still awake?" His voice interrupted her pleasant memories.


"My Mom's gon' be home soon, we better get dressed."

"Kay." She still didn't move causing him to nudge her playfully. "Okay, Okay I'm gettin' up now." Letting out another giggle she pulled the sheet with her, wrapping it around her naked frame as she clumsily gathered her clothes from the floor. Looking back at him she squinted as the backlight of his phone illuminated his room when he received a text. "Who is it?"

"Drizzy. He said they all goin' to Zara's place next weekend, you wanna go?"

"I'm not sure." She tucked her hair behind her ear and looked down, tightening the sheet around herself shyly.

"I'll be there, I won't leave you. I promise." He got off the bed and moved over to where she stood, once again his tall body towering over her as she peered up at him.

"Fine, but I have nothin' to wear." She pouted before he pulled her chin up.

"It's a pool party, y'only need swimmin' stuff."

"A pool party?" She shook her head unsurely. "Safaree, I've never even been invited to a birthday party before never mind a Goddamn pool party."

"You'll look great. Please? Don't make me go alone?" She delayed her answer for a while before reconnecting their gaze, he was playfully pouting before a smile took over.

"Ugh, you owe me."

"Oh? I think I know how to make it up to you." He smirked at her back as she walked towards the light switch, removing the element of darkness from the room.


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