Monday, 17 September 2012

1. The Start of A New Year

*Right, so I may have updated this one instead of HIA :/ BUT I promise I'll do HIA tomorrow. I just want to see who actually likes this one and be totally honest with me guys, I really don't mind! :)) So here you go, it's only short but please let me know what you think and then I'll decide whether or not to continue ^__^*

She walked into the classroom nervously feeling people staring at her, some were still talking amongst one another but she clocked a few of the "Popular" girls looking at her and laughing.

"Have you seen her glasses?" Mia whispered as she stifled a bitchy laugh with her group of friends whilst sixteen year old Onika made her way to an empty seat. It was the start of a new year and already it was hell, she just couldn't wait for the day to be over. Sliding her glasses back up her nose she proceeded to get her books out and place them on her desk when she was hit unexpectedly in the face by a paper ball. How mature. She didn't look up in the direction from which it came, instead she just brushed it off the edge of her desk and pretended it didn't happen. This was something she had grown accustomed too unfortunately. She was by absolutely no means ugly, in fact she was naturally stunning. People just had the idea that she was the typical 'nerd' with the glasses, no makeup and forever having her face stuck in a book. Blanking out the whispers, stares and other various objects thrown at her she managed to make it through the lesson and the rest of the day. The bus ride home was a nightmare but she was finally back in the comfort of her own room.

"Onika?! Dinner's ready!" She sighed as she closed her text book before making her way downstairs. He father worked away and her oldest brother had moved out which just left herself, her Mom and her younger brother Cai living together. "Could you please go set the table whilst I finish everything up in here?"

"Sure." She replied expressionlessly as she walked back to the dining room. She was praying that her Mother didn't ask any questions about how her first day back was, or if she'd made any new friends. She used to love school, until her best friend moved states halfway through last year. Now it was just her.

"Thank you Nika." Her Mom smiled warmly as she carried the food through and set a plate down at each chair. As they sat and ate the silence grew louder until Mama Carol opened her mouth. Much to Onika's dismay. "So how was school? Everything go ok?" She kept her eyes fixed on her plate as she played with a piece of broccoli.

"Yeah, it was ok. Y'know? The usual." She managed a weak dimpled smile to put her Mother's mind at ease.

"Are you sure baby? You seem pretty quiet." Mama Carol stopped eating and looked at her daughter.

"Positive." She smiled once again before setting her fork down. "May I be excused? I'm done eating and I have homework to do."

"Mmkay, don't stay up too late." She knew that once she was in her room that would be it, she wouldn't be seen again until the morning. "Oh Onika?"

"Yeah?" She stopped at the bottom step not turning to look at her as the tears were threatening to fall.

"Sandi Graham called today, she wanted some help for Aubrey. He needs tutoring in Math, I said you would help him out." Nicki's heart dropped.

"Mom! No! Ion wanna help him!" Mama Carol's eyes widened.

"Excuse me?"

"Sorry, it's just, I don't really like him, he's so full of himself." Truthfully he was the one causing all the torment for her at school and it was getting to the point where it was unbearable.

"Well I told Sandi as a friend, that my daughter would be happy to help. I don't want your stubbornness being a reflection of me. It'll only be a few days a week for one semester. I'm sure you'll manage." She carried on eating angrily as Nicki marched up the stairs to her room, slamming the door behind her. It was only 8pm but she didn't care, showering and throwing on her pyjamas she peeled her comforter back and slid into bed. No longer in the eyes of anyone she let the tears fall, staining her pillow temporarily until she drifted off to sleep. Dreading what tomorrow would bring.


  1. OMG i love it so far keep it going ti like how you explained how nic was feeling and all the detail so that we could get a picture in our minds of how everything is playing out. oh and p.s i do not want nic to end up actually liking drake and then them dating so please dont let that happen :) for me actually forget i said anything and do your magic typing away

  2. I LOVE THIS! Those kids are so mean. My poor baby. D:

  3. Aww! Drake is the conceited popular guy or something? Ugh! I like this! :))

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