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2. Brave Face

*I just wanna remind you that chapters for this fic are always gonna be quite short :)) Thanku to all who commented on the first chapter ^__^*

Nicki got ready for school the next morning as usual, said goodbye to her Mother and headed to the bus stop. As she walked slowly down the pavement she noticed the gang of school students already stood there. Great. He was there, him and his bitch Mia.

"Oh, Onika! You forgot your lunch!" Her Mom could not have possibly chosen a more embarrassing time to run out yelling like a banshee. Everybody started laughing slyly as she turned to grab her lunch from her out of breath Mother. "Hello Aubrey dear, how's your Mother doing?" She folded her arms over her chest in an attempt to keep warm as she asked.

"Hey Mrs M, yeah she's great thanks for asking." He smiled which made Nicki instantly want to vomit. He was so slimy.

"That's good to hear, and it's nice to know you and Onika will be seeing a lot more of each other too." He instantly bowed his head when everyone looked at him and started knocking into him jokingly. Nicki was getting really impatient now.

"Mom! Can you please leave? I'll see you later." She whispered angrily as her Mom just shook her head and marched back to the house. Soon enough Tyrell's voice became audible through the laughs and giggles.

"So, you gon' be gettin' tutored by four eyes?" He ruffled Drake's short curls as everyone laughed even louder.

"Shut the fuck up man, it's only 'til made grades are back up. My Mom is freaking the fuck out 'bout me failing." He jokingly pushed him away and just when she thought things couldn't get any worse Tyrell made his way over to where she was stood nervously, circling her as she remained still with her head down.

"Does she even talk?" He brushed past her roughly as he made his way back to the crowd causing her to sigh out of relief. Drake saw how afraid she looked and felt bad. When he started poking fun at her all those months ago he never really meant for it get this bad. He didn't stop doing it though, that's what kept him "Cool". Believe it or not these two used to be good friends, some would even say best friends. Not the case nowadays though.

"Like, does she even know what she looks like?" Mia's laugh went right through her, it was so annoying. Like one of those hideous bimbo giggles.

"Mia." She turned to look at Drake sourly as Nicki kept her position.

"What?" She scoffed. "Oh, no, let me guess. Now you feelin' bad? Get the fuck over it Aubrey. She prolly not even listenin'." she laughed again as the bus pulled up and they all piled on, Nicki waited until last and stayed towards the front end of the bus as they all moved up to the back. She relaxed a little as the bus journey went relatively smoothly. Until it was time to get off. She waited until they all went first but Drake and Tyrell were still at the back, waiting for her.

"After you." Tyrell said as he grinned like idiot. She hesitated before making a move. As she thanked the driver and hopped off the last step as she felt herself being shoved, falling to her knees pretty hard whilst Tyrell grabbed her bag and emptied the contents on the ground next to her. She could feel everyone staring, even the freaking bus driver.

"Tyrell, that was harsh." She heard Drake mumble as their group walked off laughing. He kept looking back at her sympathetically as she tried to grab all of her things, which were now all soggy because Tyrell thoughtfully dumped them a puddle.

"Fucking assholes." She murmured and stuffed everything back into her book bag, she felt the tears burning her eyes but managed to stope them. Something she was becoming a pro at. The best part of the morning was spent drying all of her crinkled books under the hand dryer in the bathroom, she didn't even care that she'd skipped her math lesson. She was ahead anyways. Thankfully lunchtime rolled around quicker than she had hoped, the rest of the day were just free periods so she headed home knowing that they would be catching the bus she skipped that idea and walked all the way home, even with her sore bloodied up knees. It took a hell of a long time but she finally made it.

"Onika?" Ugh, she'd only just stepped through the door and already her Mom was asking her to do something.

"Yes?" She dropped her stuff on the floor and tried to wipe some of the dried blood off of her knees before anybody noticed and started questioning her.

"Your Father's coming home tonight, so I'm about to go get some stuff to make us a nice dinner. Why don't you go 'round to Aubrey's now?" she appeared at the kitchen doorway with Cai on her hip.

"Mom, I'm tired and I have my own sh-" She stopped seeing her Mother's brow raise. "Stuff to do."

"I really can't believe you Onika! I told Sandi you'd help! So do it for me? Please!?" Without thinking Nicki rolled her eyes angrily and snatched her bag off the floor and stormed outside, making sure to slam the door for effect. It was only a short walk to his house but she wished it was longer for she was at his front step sooner than expected. Taking a few deep breaths she knocked hesitantly. She hated him with a passion. Luckily Sandi answered.

"Onika! We haven't seen you 'round here in far too long! Come in." She moved aside to let a reluctant Nicki inside. "Do you want a drink or anything to eat?" She shook her head no politely. "Ok well Aubrey is up in his room, make yourself at home." She smiled and went back to what she was doing. The door was right there, she could just leave and forget about all of this but she knew her Mother would have a go at her. Shakily stepping up the stairs she died realising his door was open and he'd already seen her. It was too late now, she had to stay. He was laying on his bed and sat up when he saw her awkwardly standing up as she got to the doorway. Shuffling nervously with her hands.

"Hey, um come in." He sighed silently when she didn't say anything and walked in slowly. "So Math homework...." He screwed his lips up and looked off to the side as she stayed silent, proceeding to get her books out as she sat on the floor.

"Look Nicki I-"

"Page 201 right?"

"What? Oh, yeah. But I was 'bouta-"

"Well don't. I just wanna get this over with." She avoided looking at him still as he sat down on his bed, she skimmed through the pages until she found the right one. He looked over her, she was still so pretty even though she never bothered with makeup like any of the other girls. He thought her glasses were cute too, as he continued to scan his eyes over her, pangs of guilt set in when he got to her knees. He knew that was what Tyrell did to her this morning. "Are you gon' get your books out or not?" Again she avoided eye contact and started scribbling notes down.

"I guess so." Even though she said it quietly and timidly he could hear the undertone of anger and hurt. He did what she asked as their little tutoring session began.

*Oh there you go kids :)) hope it was ok and sorry about any typos :// Once again thx so much for the comments left on the first chapter! ^_^ Next I'll be updating WTWC and CAHM cause FY seems to be fading a little ://*


  1. Lol I really like this one. Nowwwwwwwwwwwwww he wanna feel bad ch!!!!!!!!!!! Too late for that shit smh

    1. Exactly too late to be feeling bad now fuck outta here

  2. So Safaree is not in this one?
    I agree with the person above , I like it too. It's very different. Tbh Drake don't even seem like that type of guy. Ya know, hurting ppl feelings nstuff. & Tyrell better leave Nicki alone.

    1. Safaree has to be in it. It's called Catch Me (Onikafaree) lol duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I woulda kicked tyrell ass! I fight dudes!

  3. What the fuck, they're bullying my baby. Now Drake wanna feel bad. Bet he won't speak up tho, too worried about his rep. Idhtt.

  4. NOOOO!!! Update YF i love that one!!! :))) But, I like this story. Poor Nika smh i woulda beat Tyrell's ass better leave my girl alone TUH. So when is Faree popping up in this story? :) Anyways post soon :)))))))) - @TeamMinajCeeCee

  5. I don't like drake at all, he a weak bitch for not standing up for her on front of his friends. Hate him! Lol

  6. Awwww. My poor baby! :( Drake is an asshole. Clearly u don't feel THAT bad if u wont even try to defend her especially knowing u started it all. Smh. My poor baby. :(

  7. Umm. I do not like Drake. Why he wanna be all sentimental now??? NOPE! Too late! Where's Safaree? Cuz Drake is< -_-


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