Thursday, 20 September 2012

3. Giving Up

Despite his best efforts Nicki didn't speak to him throughout the whole three hours she was there, and now she was leaving. Barely even opening her mouth to offer him help, once she explained a little he would get it straight away, he was always pretty bright like that.

"Thanks, y'know? For helping me. If I was you-"

"You wouldn't have? Well I didn't want to. My Mom forced me." She stood up quickly, throwing her stuff into her bag.

"Nicki, please?" He tried to touch her arm but she jumped back and gave him a "What the fuck?" look.

"Do me a favour Aubrey, and just don't." She scoffed lightly and shook her head in disbelief. "I have to go." She kept her eyes low as she left his room and skipped down the stairs, for some weird reason she was really struggling to hold back the tears this time. Typical, she had to be in his house when couldn't control her emotions.

"Nicki wait up!" He ran down after her but she'd already shut the front door.

"Aubrey dear? Was that Nicki?" He nodded regretfully as she continued stirring in the bowl she had with her. "Is she ok? She used to always hug me before she left." She pouted and looked at the door as if trying to work out what was wrong.

"Yeah, she's fine." He turned to go back upstairs but his conscience was telling him to go chase her and make sure she was really ok. He'd seen the tears. "Actually Mom Imma go check she's alright, be back soon." He grabbed his jacket and ran out the door.

"Kids." Sandi muttered and wandered back into the kitchen.

Out on the street he looked around for her but she was nowhere in sight so he started walking towards her house. She'd only got a few houses down and burst into tears, no longer able to hold them in. Not wanting to back looking a state she sat herself on the edge of the sidewalk just around the corner from her house and cried. To say she was slightly hysterical was kind of an understatement. It's like everything had just built up and was now being released, in a public place. How annoying. Like her feelings couldn't just wait a few more minutes until she was in her room. To top it off she soon heard footsteps coming her way, looking edgily to the side she recognised his shoes and scrambled to her feet whilst trying to get rid of the tears.

"Nicki?" His voice was quiet as he got closer.

"What?!" He flinched a little at the volume of her voice, she'd been nothing but shy all night.

"I'm so sorry, I-"

"No, it's too late for that. I'm done with you." His heart dropped what felt like ten storeys as she turned and looked at him. The months of torment and cruel doings to her flashed through his mind. This was all his fault. He'd done this to her. "What d-did I ever do t-to you?" Her breathing was hitched as she tried to control her sobs, but it was no use. She clutched at her chest as it became painful to intake air. He felt stupid and now here he was tearing up as he watched her.

"Nothing Nicki. You never did anything to me." He bowed his head in shame.

"So then w-why are you being such an ass t-to me?" She didn't hang around for an answer as she took a step back shaking her head and continued on home. He didn't want to upset her anymore, so he let her walk away. Just like that she was gone.

When she arrived home she yelled 'Hello' as cheerfully as she could and hotfooted it all the way to her room, locking the door behind her. It wasn't long before her Mom was shouting her for dinner, but she was well and truly off of her appetite now. She could have imagined her steak as being Drake's face and repeatedly stab at it but she'd only be scolded for playing with her food. Instead she yelled that she wasn't hungry and went straight to bed after showering. Another day still looming ahead of her, she honestly didn't know how much longer she could do this for.

Next day, same routine, same result. Only today she'd managed to avoid being pushed out of the bus and having to dry all of her belongings in the bathroom. Sat in her math class she watched the clock as it ticked slowly, it almost looked like it was getting slower, suddenly a loud bang in her hear made her jump sideways. Turning steadily she saw Tyrell laughing like hyena as he pulled the textbook away from her head. Why after five years of doing that is it still funny to guys? She pondered on it for a little while until Drake's voice snapped her out of it.

"I'm sorry 'bout him. I've, Y'know? Asked him to stop but he don't listen to anythin' but his own voice." She just nodded nonchalantly in his direction without saying a word.

"Drake, dude, the fuck you talkin' to her for?" He whacked him playfully around the head with the same book that had almost deafened her. "Oh wait! Y'all had your little date last night didn't you?!" Everyone started laughing as Mia spoke up.

"That bitch don't stand a chance with Aubrey! I mean.." She laughed cockily. "Just look at her!" Then right at that moment Nicki felt everyone's eyes burning through her, she looked down before anyone noticed how red she'd gotten. "I hope she comes with a bag though."

"What?" Tyrell half laughed as he asked.

"Y'know? So that whichever guy has to screw her has something to hide her face with! Either that or just tap her from behind!" The laughter in the room reached a new volume as she struggled to hold it together. Why wasn't the freaking teacher listening to a word of this?

"Stop it, y'all are takin' this way too far. Shit!" Drake slammed his books closed and attempted to go over to her but she was already up and out of her chair racing for the door. "Nicki!"

"Forget her Drizzy. She'll be right." Drake just blinked after Tyrell said that and everyone went back to work as the teacher looked at the door confusedly as it shut. She carried on running through the hallway until she slammed into somebody, without thinking she just started apologising profusely.

"I'm so sorry I wasn't watching where I was going." She bent down to pick up all of her books as the stranger followed her lead.

"Don't worry 'bout it." He smiled at her but she remained focused on her books on the ground as he saw the tears marking her face. Her skin was immaculate, flawless even. "I'm Safaree..." He trailed off and held his hand out, waiting for her to shake his hand and announce her name too, but she didn't.

"Thanks." She stood up once all of her things were back in her arms and attempted to move past him in a hurry.

"Woah, where you goin'? Are you ok?" For the first time she looked up at him and almost died. The only time she actually cared about what she looks like and her she is balling her eyes out in front of this guy.

"Yeah I'm fine, thank you." She smiled, unconvincingly and kept on moving.

"Well, don't I get a name?" His voice was calm and kind, making her stop and turn back to face him.

"It's Onika and thank you, Safaree." The way she said his name. That was it, that's all he had to think. It's like his mind had gone to mush and he didn't know what to say next. Dreading a strong bout of word vomit he quickly spoke up before his mouth distorted what he wanted to say.

"Well, see you around, Onika." He nodded his head and smiled. That one gesture almost had her panties wet. She mentally urged herself to pull it together.

"I hope so." She smiled back, still having tears on her face but not caring as she turned and walked away.

*^_^ Hope this was kay for everyone, thanku for the comments on chapter two ^___^ I wrote this today at like 3pm but cause of the time difference it's better for me to post at like midnight cause that seems to be when you all read and comment ^_^ So yeah, I'll go write a chap for CAHM too :)) Also, after CAHM I might not be updating for a day or two, my hips and knees have got really bad again from sitting at the computer for like 5 days straight lmaoo I will try though :))*


  1. Lmao it's just too damn bad that now he wanna be feeling all sorry for her!!! Man I thought she was about to get up and knock the absolute fuck outta Mia!!! AWwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww and it begins. Safaree has arrived! Lmaoooooooooooo dead at that making ha panties wet tho

  2. This story kind of remind me of someone at my school. Now he feels bad from all the pain him and his friends put her thru. My poor Nicki. Hmph. But YAY Safareeeeee!!!! ^_^ . Hehe , this story just got a whole lot better.

  3. Awww the part with nicki and Sb was super cute. Now drake tryna feel bad for her when it's his fault eveyones teasing her. Can't wait for them to be friends

  4. Smh. Drake, its too late. You did this. Those people r assholes. She shouldn't have to deal with that. :(
    YAAAAY for her & Safaree's lil moment! How cute. Hopefully we get to see some lil happier times now. ^___^
    Great chapter!(:

  5. Awwww yesssss!!! Onikafaree will happen eventually! Pow! Cant believe Drake associates w/ those ppl and then he has the nerve feel sorry! No, the pain has been given and damage has been done! But again, aww at Nic and Safaree! ;)))


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