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5. Invisible Cracks - Part One

He stood still, contemplating her ultimatum. If he left then that was it, he'd have no way of getting on her good side again. But if he stayed and carried on with the tutoring then surely she'd have to warm to him. Eventually.


"You mean you'll still help me?"

"Yeah, I'm not like a lotta the jerks at school." He knew that was directed at him. Touché. "Right...Well, shall we get on with it then?" She grabbed herself a pencil and moved back over to her bed wondering why the hell he was still just standing there like a wet lemon. Her still movement as she stared caused him to look at her.

"Uh, yeah I guess so." He dropped his bag and proceeded to get out his books, rolling his eyes when he heard her message tone sounding. Probably SB. For the next minute or so he could only hear her fingers tapping the keys as she replied.

"Ok, what do you need help with?"

"Everything we were doin' in class today." He continued with trying to find the right pages as she looked at him bewilderedly.

"That's odd 'cause I saw you actin' up and bein' a total ass in class today. If you'd just listened, you wouldn't be here." He hated how she could say something with so much anger yet still keep her voice calm.

"Yes I know." The snappy answers and his sulky face didn't faze her. She was stuck smiling about Safaree. He'd been texting her non stop since lunch. She felt like she'd known him forever. Like that kind of movie shit she always saw and never believed. The rest of the evening went by quite quickly and annoyingly he'd made her smile a few times. Not that she'd ever show it. His ego was already way too big. But just the random little funny things he would say or do. It reminded her of the old Aubrey. She still hated his guts though.

"Does Aubrey want to stay for dinner Onika?" Her dad asked as he stood in the door way whilst she showed Drake out. Her Mother's orders.

"Yes, thank you. I'd like that." She swung her head around so fast her hair almost came back and face whipped her.

"But, what about that homework you said you had to do?" She bugged her eyes and gave him a look.

"Oh, well if you've got homework then we won't keep you. Maybe next time?" Mama Carol appeared behind Nicki's father.

"Yeah, yeah maybe next time." He smiled as he shared an uncomfortable moment with Nicki's angry face. They all said goodbye, except Onika. She brutally stared him out of the door. How the hell was he about to sit and have dinner with them. He could fuck right off with that.

The silence once again grew louder at their dining table. It was her first night eating with her father sat at the table too. If anyone asked her what her Dad did for work she honestly wouldn't be able to say. It seemed to change on a daily basis so she gave up asking.

"So how's school going Onika?" He stabbed around on his plate trying to get more than enough shoved on to his fork. She hated that, what was wrong with just having one piece of meat on the fork? Nothing, that's what.

"Uh, yeah it's ok." His brow furrowed as he swallowed what looked like a truckload of food. And he wonders why he gets indigestion?

"Just okay? You pullin' good grades?" She was about to answer when her Mother cut in.

"Of course she is. When doesn't she?" Right then at that moment her Father shot her Mom a look she'd never seen before. He looked both shocked that she would interrupt and angry that she even dared to. Even Macaiah noticed and he's five. There was silence for a moment before he stood, slamming his chair back and disappeared back into "His Room". Also known as the lounge room, whenever he was home it was practically off limits. She felt her face contorting as she thought for a second, he had super strange working times. He'd be home for what seemed like however long he wanted and then bam, he'd be gone again without warning.

"Onika dear, could you please take your brother upstairs. He needs bathing before he goes to bed." She was about to start whinging but seeing her Mom's distraught face she decided not too.

"Uhm, sure." She attempted to grab her empty plate but Carol told her to leave it, she obeyed and went straight to Cai's chair. "Come on you, we gon' go get ready for bed." She took him gently under the arms and set him on the floor. He always had a thing about holding her hand wherever they went. It was ok though. She thought it was cute. She curled her lip angrily as she walked past the lounge room. The smoke was pouring out, as he puffed away. Not a care in the world. The whole dynamic of the house changed whenever he was back home. She loved him because he was her father but that didn't mean she had to like him. And right now, she wasn't his biggest fan. Doing as she was asked she bathed Cai, put his jammies on and put him to bed, praying he didn't ask for a story. He did. Nobody else could do it as good as her, he liked all the weird, different voices she did. It was entertaining.

"Thank you Nika." She closed the book and turned to Cai's doorway to see her Mom stood there. She'd so obviously been crying.

"That's fine" She smiled and set his book on the night stand. "Look, Mom is everythin' ok?" She was at the doorway too now.

"Yes, I'm fine. I'm going to bed now, I have an early start."

"But Mom tomorrow's Saturday?" The little head tilt she did made Carol smile.

"I know baby, but we're a little short of money right now. Don't worry your little head though." She chuckled softly and kissed Nicki's forehead before making her way to her room. What the hell was that 'sposed to mean? Her Dad just got home. There should be plenty of money. Shaking her head she entered her room only to hear her phone ringing. The one time it actually does ring and she's left it in the most ridiculous place.  A complete "fuck my life" moment when she did find it and saw it was Safaree. She'd missed it. Now what? Does she wait for him to call again? Or call him? She pouted as she tried to think. But her message tone stopped her thoughts. It was him again asking if she was busy Saturday night. Fuck no. She instantly replied, not quite using those words though. When he responded she felt herself deflate a little. Tyrell was having a party and Safaree wanted her to go with him. Their messaging went on for hours and she finally agreed to go after he talked her into it, he and his sister were going to the mall in the morning so he asked her to come along too. Finishing up their lengthy conversation she showered and got herself into bed. The smile never once leaving her face.


"Mom?" The sound of her daughter's voice snapped her out of her daydream.


"I been asked to go out to the mall today, can I go?" That was question number one. Softening her up before she asked about the party.

"Of course you can, you're earning your own money Nika. Just don't don't be too ruthless with it, kay?" Nicki nodded sweetly before grabbing herself some cereal.

"Oh and I also got asked to a party tonight and I was just wonderin' if I could, Y'know? Go to it?" She proceeded to act aloof as she poured the breakfast food into her bowl.

"Who are you going with? I never see you inviting any of your friends around anymore." Nicki stopped as she felt her lip quiver slightly. She had no friends, like, literally none. Zero. Zilch. Well, apart from Safaree.

"Oh just a new friend. I don't have time to have friends over Mom, I wanna focus on my study." Carol smiled at Nicki's determination and drive, she reminded her so much of a younger version of herself. Silently contemplating, she reasoned in her mind, what harm could one little party do? She needed to let her hair down and have fun.

"As long as you promise me you'll behave? Don't be silly and stay with this friend at all times-"

"Mom? I know." She laughed with a mouthful of cereal as Carol just smiled, realising how protective she sounded, Nicki was 16. She could look after herself. She hoped. Her Mother watched her for a while, she was so grown now. "It's almost 9am y'know?" She carried on crunching her food as Mama Carol jumped up in a panic.

"Oh, I lost track of time! Could you please take your brother to Jelani's at 10am? He's stopping at his place tonight." She was rushing around like a blue ass fly grabbing her bag and a piece of fruit before shutting the door behind herself. Nicki didn't even get chance to answer. Of course she would do it though. As the clock ticked she felt herself getting more worked up and anxious, she wanted to buy something to wear to the party but she had nobody to help her. No friends to consult or ask for opinions. She sighed thinking about it. The house was silent as it was now 11am and Cai was already at Jelani's. Safaree said he'd pick her up at 11am and he still wasn't here. She checked her phone andthe time practically every five seconds as she continued to sit and wait but a knock on the door interrupted her temporary obsessive compulsive tendencies. He was here.

*^_^ So Nicki's going to her first party! :)) Always a scary thing tbh and she has no friends :(( Sorry it's a little short, obviously the next chap will be the party so bring on the drama, in more ways than one :// Thanku SO much for the comments on chapter 4! BUT this is my last week off from uni :( So I'll be going back to like, one post a week if I can manage that. I was about to type the order I'll update the blogs in but you tell me which order you'd prefer, yeah? ^_^*


  1. Awwwwwww she going to her first party!!!!!! I hope everything goes well and Mia ass betta not be tryna start no shit cuz I know she is

  2. Aww her and Safaree are really liking each other. Hope this party goes well for her.

  3. Tf Drake think he is, saying yes to the dinner invite?! SMH. Aaawww @ her and Safaree

  4. Drake and his jealous ways,, now he wanna act all sweet. Like NO!!! Nicki & Caiah relationship > . She's like a second mom to him. Ayeee @ Nicki going to her 1st party.... With Safaree. How bad could it be

  5. Awwww. Nicki's 1st party! ^__^ Her & Safaree are too cute! I hope she has a good time. :')

    As for her father, wth is going on there? Hmm...not getting a good vibe, but we'll see.

    As always, Great Chapter!

  6. Oooooh snap! Mall and a party w/ Safaree! Yasss! Onikafaree soon? K? K! Loving this story! :)
    Ooh! You should update, WTWC, CAHM, and the CM again! Or whatever is fine, I love them all! :))))

  7. I'm happy and everything for NIC but all I KNOW is Robert better calm his ass THE FUCK down before I jump through this computer and twist his balls if he EVER act tht way again towards mama carol or in front of his kids! Cause I don't play tht!! Hell to the no! Anyways I loved the chapter ^_^


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