Monday, 24 September 2012

4. Mutual Feelings

She couldn't stop thinking about him. His face, his voice, his everything. She felt like a teen with a stupid crush but honestly she'd never felt like this before. That and the fact that he seemed to be the only nice person in the whole damn school.

"Onika?!" She jumped at the way her name was yelled. "If you're just going to sit and daydream why don't you make yourself useful and come write up the answer you got for question 7 on page 315." He walked over to her desk and handed her the whiteboard marker. Asshole. He knew she hated doing stuff in front of everyone, so did the whole class by the time she reached the front. She dropped the marker twice because of how sweaty her palms were. "Well done." She handed the pen back and walked with her head down back to her seat, relieved that she hadn't majorly embarrassed herself. As she sat down she clocked him looking at her, smiling that smile. She had never even noticed that he was in her class, possibly because of how oblivious she was, walking around with her head bowed all the time. He nodded at her, causing her to return the gesture shyly. He'd been thinking about her as much as she had about him and it had only been two freaking days since she bumped into him. Something she should actually thank her clumsiness for. As she continued effortlessly scribbling down her answers she felt something hit her arm, only to see that it was another paper ball. She was about to flick it off when she realised that Tyrell and his douchebag friends weren't in this class. Looking over at Safaree she saw him staring at her expectantly as she unravelled the paper ball. Smart. The cocky bastard had written his phone number in there. She smiled eagerly, he could tell because he saw her dimples deepen. She turned to look at him as she raised her brow as if to ask "Really?" He smiled again and shook his head before getting back to work, she followed his lead as she caught the teacher glaring at her again.

As lunch time came she dreaded the long table search as she wandered cautiously through the canteen area. She hated that was never a table free and she'd usually wind up eating alone somewhere outside. Great. No tables and who else but Tyrell and his shit-head group of friends just had to be sat by the door.

"Onika?" She whipped her head around to the direction from which her name came. It was him, no not Safaree as she'd hoped but Drake. The fuck he wanted she had no idea. She ignored him and tried to walk quickly to the door. "Nicki, wait." If she could roll her eyes any more violently then she already could then she would.

"What?" Turning on the spot she moved her head around with attitude.

"I was just, uhm Y'know? Gon' ask how you were? You good?" He felt himself shifting under her gaze as she squinted at him.

"No, I'm not actually but hey, who gives a flyin' fuck 'bout me?" She shook her head and continued to leave but someone else called her name. This time it was him and she blushed instantly. "Oh, Safaree, hi." She smiled coyly as he sided up to Drake.

"Hey, I didn't know you was friends with Drizzy!" He rested his arm over Drake's shoulders as her face dropped. She knew this was too good to be true.

"Wait, you know him Nicki?" He looked between their faces before holding eye contact with Safaree. "And you? You know her?"

"Well, kyna. I was hopin' to get to know her a little better. If that's alright with her?" Her face perked up again. She loved that he was talking about her, but looking directly at her. Completely blocking Drake out of the conversation.

"I think she'd like that." She replied with the same way of talking and smiled again, ignoring Mr. Gobsmacked stood next to him and left without another word. How was a guy like Safaree associating himself with those pricks? It didn't make any kind of sense. At all. She knew that he was relatively new at school but he'd for sure fallen into the wrong crowd.


"Damn, where her goggles gone?" Tyrell took a bite out of his apple as he studied Nicki's face from the back of the bus, she was sat a few seats in front facing sideways without her glasses on. "She looks, kinda...Okay without 'em on." Mia snorted as he finished his sentence.

"Tyrell, are you freaking blind?! Maybe she should let you borrow them damn glasses! She looks just as bad as always!" She continued to cackle, but everyone else was quiet before Dan piped in.

"Nah, Mia I reckon he's right. She's pretty fine actually. And that ass is just....!" He exhaled with his mouth in the shape of an 'O' before turning his attention back to his phone.

"Yeah and she ain't wearin' none of that shit on her damn face, I mean a little is ok but damn who wants to make out with a fuckin' clown?!" Jackson cringed at what he said as he turned to look at Mia's makeup caked face. "Well, y'know? Some girls look aight with on though."

"Aubrey what do you think?" He knew that was his cue to say that she looked hot and nobody else compared to her. Lie.

"I agree with them. But nobody compares to you baby." He pecked her lips as she smiled cockily and started filing her nails.

"I know, thanks babe. But she still looks like a damn fool."

"S'up with you? You're quiet." Safaree turned to look at Drake. Honestly he was paying absolutely no attention to what they were talking about. They talked shit all the time anyways, he'd learned to zone all the way out. He was too busy texting Nicki.

"Hmm? Oh my bad were y'all talkin' to me?"

"No, I just wondered what you was doin'?" He leant forward and rested on the back of Safaree's seat.

"Nothin' just textin'." Drake could feel himself getting angry. He had no right to at all, but he was. He'd been watching them for ages. Safaree was hitting the keys on his phone like crazy and would then look her way, waiting for her to look down at her lap and do the same back. He kept on watching and before he knew it they were at their stop, Safaree lived further away and the only people that got off here were himself, Nicki and Jackson.

"Bye babe." She pushed herself on to him and kissed him before he left. He kept his eyes on Nicki as she turned to look at Safaree, waving sweetly before jumping off of the bus. Tyrell was right, although personally he thought she looked good with her glasses on too but without them she looked even more amazing. You could really see her eyes and face more.

"Oh Nicki?" He watched her stiffen up and move to face him. She was already walking down the sidewalk back to her house.


"What 'bout tutorin'? I mean, are you gon' come over or-"

"Can't you find someone else? I told you I was done with you, and I meant it. Goodbye Aubrey." She shook her head and walked off. She'd had enough of dealing with all the shit they dished out to her. She was taking a stand.


"Onika?!" Her Dad's bellows were something she definitely didn't miss about him whilst he was away. "There's someone here to see you." She crinkled her brow and made her way downstairs wondering who the hell could be visiting her. Brilliant, it was him. What part of 'No' does this guy not understand?

"Hey." He sounded shy, she guessed it was because he was in her house and felt uncomfortable. Good.  He deserves to feel that way.

"What do you want Aubrey?" She crossed her arms over her chest, only drawing more attention to the size of her boobs in comparison to her miniature waist. He'd never really noticed her figure before, well until now anyway.

"Onika! That is no way to speak to guests in our home!" Her Mom turned to face Drake. "Hello Aubrey dear" She smiled as he said hello back. "Are you here to do your Math homework?" He looked at Nicki blankly, she remained silent with her arms still folded tightly. Mama Carol gave her a look causing her to roll her eyes and scoff at him.

"Whatever, you gon' come up or what?" She glared at her Mom and marched up the stairs with an anxious Drake following a few steps behind. Mama Carol looked at Macaiah sat on the lounge room floor.

"I hope you don't act so bratty when you're her age." He grinned and continued playing as she disappeared back into the kitchen, getting an extra plate out of Drake. Onika was going to hit the roof.

Back up in her room Nicki resumed her position on her bed, phone in hand as she texted Safaree back. "So, I wanted to talk to you Nic."

"-Ki. My name is Nicki." She looked at his face. "What about?" She still had that shy tone to her voice but he knew she was mad.

"Ok, Nicki. I just wanted to apologise for all the shit that-"

"Please, don't even go there." She set her phone down and moved over to her desk. "What questions do you need help with?" She slid her glasses on and started skimming through her text book.

"Nicki! I'm trying to say sorry here! The least you can do is just hear me out!"

"Oh? So all the stuff you and your asshole friends have done to me and said to me will just be erased by you sayin' "Sorry"?" No. It's too late Drake, you really hurt me, now if you're not here for help with school work then can you please leave?"


*^_^ Thurr you go, hope this was kay for you all :// Im only continuing with this one cause I enjoy writing it and I know a couple of ppl have DM'd me bout it too thx to those who commented on chapter 3 ^_^ Sorry for any typos*


  1. How adorable is this ^_^ I am glad she finally has someone to talk to and someone likes her..I am also glad drake see's what a jerk off he was being..and I want to kick Mia in her face what a bitch..I hate our names rhyme LOL

  2. Lmaoooooooooooooo I'm cracking up at the fact he wanna be all nice now!!!! SMH it's too fucking late for that shit dude! Awwwwwwwwwwwww Nic and SB are too fucking cute for words.

  3. I fuckin loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee this story. Like ahhhhhhh! I had a big goofy smile on my face every time her and SB interacted. This is a great story line so far. Drake needs to go somewhere with his jealousy. I get he is trying to apologize and that's fine but don't try and push up on her now that someone else is trying to holla at her. FOH. Safaree is cute. ^_^ Post soon please and make it way longer.

  4. Who the hell that teacher think he is, I would have cussed him out. FOH with that bs! Awwwwww they so cute, she all smiles & he gave her his number ^_^ yup they cute! Lol. Ugh Y SB & Drake had to be cool? Whatever he'll drop Drake for Nicki anyday lol. Oh Mia is so jealous of Nic, and Tyrell can turn his focus on someone else cuz Nic ain't lookin his way. I really want Drake to get the fuckn hint and leave her alone, she don't want to hear his ass! Ugh!!
    Anyways great chapter & post soon, as in now! ^_^
    Oh I love all ur stories, ur great!!

  5. I hate when teachers do that, especially if you don't know the answer.... But awwwww @ her and Safaree. I can't wait until he ask her out eeeeeek ^_^. And for Mia to be that jealous of Nicki , hating ass. & Drake, ion know what to say about him , he just tryna fit in with the crowd. Now he's all sorry after all he put her thru. Lol for Caiah to grin tho, letting her know already lol. & DEAD at Drake getting jealous. Lol boy bye!

  6. LMAO! Drake feeling like a real ass now. I LOVE IT! Aaawww @ her and Safaree texting and being all cute and stuff. I was crying @ how Nic and Safaree excluded Drake out of the convo

  7. Her and Safaree are the cutest! OH @ the rest of them just now noticing Nicki's gorgeous self. Foh.

  8. Awwww this was a good chapter! post soon!

  9. Awwwww! Her & Safaree are too cute!!! ^__^ Why is Mia so jealous? Like...Get a freakin hobby.
    Drake, I get that u wanna apologize n all & thats great, but u can't expect she'll just forget all the torment & welcome u w/ open arms. And u have no reason 2 be jealous or mad about her & Safaree. You can't just come back as the good guy now. Just STOP. Let her be.
    As for Mama Carol, I love u & all but u gotta trust if Nicki's this upset, its for a reason. Please back off.
    I really love this story. You're such a great writer! ^__^

  10. Her and SB are too freakin cute already!!! Yas @ Nic shutting Drake DOWN! I'm so glad she's not giving in to him. Dead, they didn't realize how stunning Nic already was!?!? My fav>>>>> Aaah! Post soon!


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