Sunday, 30 September 2012

6. Invisible Cracks - Part Two

She wiped her palms on her thighs before nervously standing to go get the door. Checking herself for almost the tenth time in the mirror before opening.

"Hey." She smiled sweetly as she stepped outside.

"Hi." He returned the same shy smile. Awkward much. "You, uh, you look really good." He cringed to the max, mentally kicking himself. Of all the things he could have said, he said that?

"Oh, thank you." The blushing made her feel like her face was on fire. Thankfully she could turn away for a few seconds as she shut the door.

"So my sister Nina's comin' along you don't mind right?" He led her over to his car.

"No, of course not. Thanks for inviting me."

"Hey, don't mention it. I wanted you to come." She smirked a little. The only word in her mind right now was pauz. He opened the passenger door and let her hop in before dashing to driver's side and doing the same himself.

"Hey, I'm Nina." She leant over from the backseat and shook Nicki's hand as she introduced herself too. Kind of embarrassed that Safaree must have pushed his sister into the back to let her sit up front with him.

"Right, let's go."

It wasn't a long ride to the mall and before long they were piling out of the car. Nina had her face stuck in her phone and was texting like she was possessed as they entered the complex. Nicki couldn't see all too well, her glasses were at home since she decided to wear contacts for the day. She wished she'd put on her darn devil goggles now. Her eyes were teary but as soon as they were inside they stopped a little.

"Nina, would you freaking wait up?" She stopped and turned on the spot.

"My bad, where do y'all wanna go?"

"Well Ion give a shit to be honest, I just wanted to get outta the damn house. Where do you wanna go Nicki?" They both looked at her as she froze, Nina noticed and intercepted. Thank goodness for her.

"I need to go dress shoppin' I got a party too, you need somethin' to wear tonight?"

"Yeah, I got nothin'."

"Kay, well that's sorted. We're goin' dress shoppin' boy, so go entertain ya lame ass for a couple hours." She linked her arm with Nicki's and pulled her away swiftly as Safaree stood there at a loss for words.

"Girls. Shit." He shook his head smiling as he watched Nicki's perfect ass as she walked off. She knew he was staring and decided to emphasise her assets with a bouncier walk.


"Nicki, you have to come out! Thas the whole point of goin' shoppin' with your friends, you try on a buncha dresses and then y'all help each other out. So get yo' ass out here. Now." She smiled at how shy she was from the other side of the curtain.

"Is there anyone else out there?"

"No Nicki, hurry 'cause soon there will be!" She huffed, not wanting to leave the security of the cubicle.

"Kay, I'm openin' the curtain now." Nina saw the fabric rustling ever so slightly and shook her head before taking matters into her own hands. Without warning the curtain was pulled open revealing a completely different Nicki. Nina's face said it all as she looked her up and down.

"Damn! If I was a dude...." She trailed off and exhaled. "You look fine as fuck. Forreal. That's the one, trust me."

"But I only tried on-"

"Five, I know but you got curves. Anythin' looks freaking sexy on you. 'Specially with that waist, it's practically non-existant!" She moved over to Nicki who was stood with her back to Nina, looking at herself unsurely in the mirror. "Girl, put your face straight! Can't you see how good you look?!" She tweaked a couple of crinkles in the dress and stood back to admire her some more.

"You sure? Ion wanna waste my money." She looked down at herself and for the first time she felt good. Like she measured up to all the other girls, who seemed to look down at her.

"I'm positive! Wait, Safaree takin' you tonight?" Nicki nodded whilst looking at her in the mirror. "Well bring all your stuff for tonight and I'll sort your hair and makeup, sound good?" Nicki breathed out in relief. She didn't even own any damn makeup.

"Seriously?" She turned to look at her properly. "You're a god send! Thank you!"

"Hey no problem! Now let's go pay for this and go find that idiot."

It didn't take them long to find him, he kind of stuck out like a sore thumb. Just stood there trying to look like he was busy, when really everybody and their granny knew he wasn't.

"Oh, you done?" He prayed they were, he'd been waiting for what seemed like years. He'd wanted to spend time with Nicki but he was understanding of the fact the she needed an outfit.

"Yes we're done. Now if you don't mind I gotta go meet D.J., nice to meet you Nicki and I'll see you later?" She smiled as she walked away backwards waiting for Nicki's reply.

"Yeah see you later, and thanks for helpin' me out!"

"It's all good, bye." She turned her body and walked off, leaving Nicki and Safaree in silence.

"So I figure you got yourself somethin'?" He motioned to the bag in her hand as they walked slowly.

"Yeah your sister helped me pick it out." She looked up at him, only to realise he was looking at her too. Usually she avoided eye contact but with him it was comfortable, he wasn't judging her. She liked that.

"Ohh she ain't get all pushy with you did she?" Thinking about it now, yes. Yes she did. But that's what she needed, affirmation and help in that department an Nina gave her that.

"No, she really helped, I'm glad she was here." He smiled before trying to have a look in her bag.

"So wutchoo get?"

"Nah, you'll see tonight. Patience."

"Is a virtue." She laughed as they got closer to a food place. "You wanna eat?" Yes, more than he knew if you caught her drift.

"Yeah I'm starving."

The shopping trip was in fact hours long but for Nicki it went too fast. The party was fast approaching and she was more than scared. Try absolutely petrified. On the plus side her little lunch with Safaree was the longest, they spent forever just talking and laughing an awful lot. Now she was sat in her room, waiting. He said he'd text when he was back at hers to take to his place. She kept letting out short, sharp breaths trying to stop herself for getting psyched out. There goes her message tone. Grabbing her bag of stuff she pelted down the stairs, yelling bye to her father she shut the door before he could say it back.

"Woah, you in a rush?"

"Mmm little bit. Nina's doin' my hair an stuff." She laughed as they walked back over to his car, he couldn't stop looking at her. Especially in the dusk light. She looked radiant. "What?" She scraped the hair out of her face as she smiled at him.

"Nothin'. I just think you look perfect as you are. So don't let Nina paint your face too much." She rolled her eyes playfully and slid into the passenger seat as he resumed his seat behind the wheel.


"I'll say this one more time. I can't do this properly if you keep swattin' at your damn face every five seconds. Imma put a freaking straight jacket on you. Be still." Nina swiped the makup brush over Nicki's face again as she tried to sit on her hands. How the hell she wore this stuff she had no idea. It felt so itchy. "Mkaaay, I'm done!" She stepped aside, letting Nicki see herself for the first time. She had nothing to say. She looked flawless. The itchy shit was nothing now that she realised how good she looked. "So, you like it?" Nina asked as she fixed a straggly piece of her hair.

"Uhm, I don't like it Nina. I freaking love this!" She stood up quickly to hug her gratefully.

"Woah, you gon' mess up my artistry! You stay and I'll go get your dress." Leaving the room to go retrieve her outfit, Nicki felt no hesitation to pull of her sweats and her loose jumper. Safaree stood shocked in the hallway, wondering whether she knew the door was left open a crack but his thoughts were interrupted.

"SB, the fuck you doin'?" He jumped at the sound of his name.

"Huh, uhm nothin' I'm just-"

"Oh my god! Were you serioulsy just watchin' her change?!" She hissed in a hushed whisper as she slapped him repeatedly. "Get the fuck outta my way freak, and go before she realises you been creepin' on her!" She shook her head and slammed the door fiercely behind her, but Safaree couldn't give a toss. He saw Nicki in her underwear. That image will be forever imprinted in his mind. He snapped out of his little daydream and headed back to his room to ready himself. Just him and his happy thoughts.

"Here, I unzipped it and all that so you can just step into it." Nicki's face was channelling an unimpressed feeling as Nina looked at her confusedly. "What's wrong?"

"Bitch, you really think that's gon' go over my ass?!" Nina looked at her butt and then at the dress in her hand before moving back to her ass again.


"Yeah, oh!" Nicki paused in thought. "I'll have to put over my head but-"

"Your hair. Damn, I didn't think this through." She pulled the dress as wide open as she could without tearing it and tried to put over Nicki's head as carefully as she could. Luckily Nicki was super mini and Nina was about five inches taller. After a long stressful procedure her dress was on. She looked more than perfect, like she couldn't stop staring at herself. That good. "Shit you look amazing Nicki." Nina sat on her bed and collapsed dramatically. "My work here is done ladies and gents, niggas and hoes." Nicki bust out laughing before gasping.

"Nina Ion have any shoes!"


"Reaally small!" Nina sat up with a face like thunder.

"You are so difficult you know that?" Moving over to her closet she pulled out a pair of black pumps. "Try these." They both held their breath as she slipped them on. Perfect fit. "You lucky we're the same freaking size!"

"Thank you, for all of this. Why are you helpin' me so much?" She perched herself carefully on the edge of her bed with her.

"You have no idea how much he likes you, do you? He talks about you and texts you like, all the time! Every other word that leaves his mouth is Nicki! And Ion know, I guess you feel the same way?"

"Yeah, I really do."

"Exactly, he pointed you out once and I could tell by the way you walked you have no confidence and I'd hate for that to hold you back. I mean, just fucking look at you! You're so hot! Ion know why you can't see that." Just as Nicki was about to open up to her there was a knock at the door.

"You ready?" Nicki looked at Nina unsurely, only to be shoved gently off of the bed.

"Go, have fun! Oh, and don't let no bitches tell you anythin' fucked up. You look great." She rolled on to her stomach as Nicki mouthed thank you and opened the door to see Safaree stood waiting, his mouth dropped instantly.

"Wow, you look really amazing." He cringed again. This time it showed on his face as she grabbed his hand.

"Thank you." She was laughing as she said it which made him relax and stop allowing goofy things to escape his lips. "You look pretty good yourself sir." He kept hold of her hand and the both of them headed out to his car, Nicki was feeling the nerves as she sat herself in the passenger seat. This was all so new to her, she felt kind of sick but excited at the same time. There was only one way to find out of this was her scene.

*Thurr ya gooo ^_^  Kay so you'll get the party chapter soon, but today was my last time posting DAILY, I'm back to once a week now :( Which is sad cuz I like writing these :)) Welp sorry for any typos my eyes are literally closing on me as I type XD So I'll update in this cycle for the next few weeks CAHM, CM, WTWC, HIA, FY Thanks for all the comments on the previous chapter :)) Night!*


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